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commercial intercom

The rate of burglaries has increased unceasingly, and we have noticed an exponential increase in theft and loot after the pandemic. But why do you need intercom systems in your homes?

Well, here we possibly have a lot of reasons for that:

  • Save your home from burglaries and theft.
  • Protect your home from unwanted interference.
  • Add on an extra layer of security to your home and workplace.
  • Look who wants to come inside your home, and have a quick chat before letting anyone inside your doors.

The list is quite extensive if we start adding every possible plus point of intercom systems.

What do we mean by an intercom system?

Burglaries are common these days. Also, it’s essential to know the person before giving him an excess to your home. Therefore intercom system enables an individual to connect with the person standing outside your home. The best part about intercom systems is that it allows you to operate the door through a remote.

What are the types of intercom systems?

There are a variety of intercom systems available in the market, which are worth noting. Some of them we have mentioned below:

Wireless intercom systems

A wireless intercom system was introduced to save your money from purchasing lengthy wires and maintaining them. Wireless systems run on the simple principle of sending radio frequencies from one end to another. The radio spectrum carries all the information that a single intercom system sends. The information hits the other wireless system, and the machinery encodes the signal enabling you to process the entire operation.

The ability of wireless intercoms to possess audios or videos that come in coordination with audios depends on the intensity of radio waves that the system transmits.

Since these waves are a bit harmful, we have seen people using intercom systems that possess short radio frequencies that are less harmful and more advanced.

If you are looking to get yourself a brand new wireless intercom system, you should have an idea about it working. The intercom system will not work if there is no WiFi or internet connection. The internet connectivity should be robust to see the video with better clarity and without any cracking. However, internet signals can also be disturbed because of radio interference from the neighborhood.

Wired systems

As the name suggests, hard-wired intercom systems come with complete wiring. Some intercom systems might require minimal wiring to connect with the fundamental energy and internet sources, and they all come under the category of a hard-wired intercom system.

To make it efficient and budget-friendly, we suggest you get them installed at places where there are already complete setup and electricity source points. Therefore, there amount of wire that will be used will be significantly less. The lesser the wire used in the system, the less the cost of wiring will be. The cost of a wired intercom system won’t be that much.

However, intercom devices require complete wiring and cannot be made cost-effective. If you have your commercial unit and you wish to install a wired intercom system, you will probably extend the long wires from the substation to the entry.

It is advisable that you should keep your wireless intercom system closest to the ethernet cable. This will ensure that your wireless intercom system is not being interfered with by any means.

Audio intercom unit

An audio intercom is more like an alarm, but it only alerts when someone is standing outside the main entrance. The audio-type intercom units enable the homeowners to speak to the person standing on the doorstep. The person can be your relative, friend, or simply a delivery boy, and you can ask the person’s identity before letting him enter your place.

However, audio intercoms are less known to the new generation as the video intercom has almost replaced the audio ones.

We suggest that if you plan to get yourself a new intercom system, then consider getting a video intercom. The primary reason behind that is that the video intercom system is available at the same price as the audio intercoms. Moreover, the additional feature of the video is fantastic. You have to make the necessary arrangements to install your home with an intercom device.

Video intercom system

With advancements in intercom systems and their mechanism, modern intercom systems were introduced. In addition to the audio, the intercom systems also comprise of video calling feature. Get yourself the right intercom system by sampling choosing the right dealer that offers you a quality product at a reasonable price.

The video intercom systems have a fitted camera and an additional external camera. A set of additional hardware is also installed with video intercom systems. However, you might need a powerful internet connection to operate this type of Intercom.

You can also pick various options available in the market, some of which enable you to video call by connecting to a smartphone. Therefore, in case your friend just married your home, but you are in the market, you can successfully grant access to him by this feature.

Intercom systems for homes

This is your pick for those living in apartments and multiple-floor buildings. Someone visiting you can easily connect with you with the help of this type of intercom system. The residents can also enable access to their relatives through the doors via the intercom system.

The residential buildings do have intercom facilities, but the challenge arises when the system demands for you differ hardware. There is one master station, and another is its sub-part. The master station is installed at the entry, enabling the vision to call their respective friend whom they want to visit directly. Another sub-part is installed at the gate of the apartment’s entrance.

Here, both parties can talk to each other without opening the door and granting access to the respective person.

The whole process involves ensuring safety and enables you to avoid unwanted strangers and trespassers.

Intercom systems for commercial buildings

Intercom systems installed at commercials are made to tackle much more complex situations. There are features in commercial type intercom system which distinguishes it from the home type one. It allows the visitor to get inside the premises and talk to the employee, but it also enables the visitor to be directly connected to the owner.

Workplace intercom systems

The workplaces not only have a single intercom system, and they have two intercoms for different purposes. One is internal, and another is external. As the name suggests, the internal intercom system allows the user for intercommunication between two different employees sharing a similar interest.

The external intercom system enables a person to have a conversation outside a particular area. The communication between a salesperson and a homeowner is through an external intercom system.

Since the internal communication devices were like walkie-talkies, they have been depleted by smartphones. However, you can get yourself an external intercom system for commercial units which never goes out of date.

Gate entry intercom systems

The first entrance to a home is probably your home gate, and people confuse home doors with home gates. In order to enable a vehicle to enter your premises, you first have to grant the visitor permission. These types of intercom systems are more common in industries and parking lots. Also, you can spot some intercom systems at society gates. Similar to the commercial type garage door, this also demands two distinct hardware, i.e., external and internal.

The visitor can call you from the gate using the external intercom unit and reach your door, where you can talk to them through the internal intercom unit.

The external intercom systems to be installed on the gate should ask for minimum requirements. The conditions should include an internet connection, a power supply, and a few more devices.

Always, get yourself a trustworthy locksmith company that can provide you with such advanced devices but at a meager price. Therefore, you can contact Flat Rate locksmiths to avail of smart devices but at an affordable price.


What is the pricing of an intercom system?

The price of an intercom system depends on the budget of the homeowner. A variety of intercom systems are available in the market. The price frats from 500 USD and goes up to 5000 USD. If you want additional features in your garage door system, the price can go even more.

The price is solely for the device and the system. The intercom system will demand additional charges for maintenance and upgrades. Other costs include additional service fees and replacement parts if you face any glitch regarding the system. A single intercom system is sufficient for a single home, and however, commercial units demand more than one intercom system. Therefore, the price can go double or even triple in such cases. After a specific duration of usage, i.e., after years, you might face complications with the intercom system, which can demand its replacement and cost you the same for an entirely new system.

How are intercom systems installed?

The installation of an intercom system is not a huge process. However, you will observe the complexity of structure depends on a few more things. The first one is the intercom system type; it is wiring and where you want to install your Intercom. The writing type is excluded in the case of wireless intercom systems.

The installation and purchase of video intercom systems will be equally complex and costly. The length of the wire required to install the system also determines its cost and effort spent. Whereas, when it comes to the place of installation, if there is already a set of circuit connections and electric switches available, the cost and efforts reduce up to 20 percent.

Are you looking for professional locksmith help?

If you wish to get your home a brand new intercom system and are looking for locksmith help, call Flat Rate Locksmith on 678-686-7426. They will help you get another key for your home and replace the lock if needed.

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