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Losing car keys is an annoying situation for everyone. Especially if you don’t have a spare car key, if you have lost your car keys, then keep in mind that you will have to go through a ton of trouble.

Handling a situation such as losing car keys can be a massive headache, as you must jump through many hoops to get a replacement car key. However, it can be dealt with easily if you follow some simple steps. These steps will help you deal with losing your car keys without going through all the trouble.

These steps will help give you clear thinking, which will help you locate your car keys or make a proper decision according to the situation.

Steps to take after you lose your car keys are given below:

Properly Search The Surroundings

Sometimes whenever we are in a rush or distracted by other thoughts, we subconsciously place things and later can not recall where they are kept. Most of the time, after coming home, we place the car keys without paying much attention to where the keys are being placed. When this situation occurs, it’s almost impossible to recall where the car key has been placed. Before panicking about losing your keys, you must search the surroundings properly.

Your lost car keys can be found around the house with proper attention. However, this only happens if you lose your car keys inside your house. If you misplaced your keys outside, then the circumstances are entirely different.

Do Not Panic About Lost Car Keys

The last thing you want to do after losing your car keys is panic. Sometimes a spare key or replacement key isn’t available. When this situation occurs, it’s normal to panic; however, panicking won’t help in any way. Keeping a cool head will help a lot during situations like these, as keeping calm will help you retrace your footsteps and help you find the key.

Figuring Out Car Key Type

Man holding key

If you can’t find your car keys and don’t have a replacement car key, then you will have to get a new key. To get a replacement car key, you will have to find the type of car key you have. You must know if you have a transponder or a standard car key.

A traditional car key is easy to get; however, due to technological advancement, transponder keys are used much more. It might be hard to replace if you have a transponder key; however, if you have a traditional key, you can easily get it from an automotive locksmith. Here is some vast idea about car keys:

Transponder Chip Keys

If you drive a car that is quite modern, then chances are you have transponder car keys. Transponder car keys are completely different from traditional keys. These keys are programmed, and keyless remote entry is possible with the help of these keys. Even though transponder keys offer the highest level of security for your car, they are also incredibly frustrating because if you lost them, you would have to go through many issues.

Due to the high security and technological advancement of transponder keys, getting a transponder key replacement is incredibly challenging.

Keyless Remote Entry/ Key Fob

The key fob is mostly known as a keyless remote entry. Keyless remote entry is usually paired with transponder chip keys. Key fobs are currently the most used in cars of this generation. This system helps make a bridge of connection between the car and the car key, which helps ensure better security and provides a better experience. It also makes the car a lot more accessible for you.

Even though the key fob has many good sides, it has a very bad side. Replacement car keys are nearly impossible to get if the key is a key fob. Due to the technical parts of the key, car key fob replacement is incredibly difficult. The replacement key fob should be handled safely, as losing it will cause trouble again.

Traditional Key

Traditional car keys usually come with old cars. It is rare to see a car with traditional keys. These keys do not provide proper security, and they don’t give the best user experience either. It is extremely easy to get a traditional car key copied with the help of an experienced locksmith. However, if the car key is lost, the car owner doesn’t have to worry much.

A replacement key can be made with the help of automotive locksmith services or a car dealership. So, if you misplace the keys, you won’t have to worry much about the car key replacement issues as it is very easy to get it done.

Gather Information Regarding The Car

If you lose your car keys and can’t remember the type of key you used, the best bet is to gather information regarding the car. It might seem unnecessary; however, information regarding your car can help you a lot in times like these.

Suppose you can gather information about your car. In that case, it will be easier to identify the type of car keys you are using, which can be of big help because it will help the car dealership make the key faster. It will also save you a ton of time.

opening car with car key

Request Your Car Dealership For A New Key

If you lose your car key, the best way to get it back is by asking your car dealership for a new one. If you ask your car dealership for a new key, they can help you immediately. However, suppose it is a smart key, fob key, remote key, or even ignition key. In that case, it will take time to get a new one as these technologically made keys are harder to replicate. In some cases, it is impossible to replicate.

Take Costs Into Consideration

After losing something as important as a car key, it is obvious that the costs of getting a new key will be pretty steep. Car keys are expensive, especially if they are advanced. So, before getting new car keys, you have to keep the cost in mind; otherwise, it will end up causing you trouble.

Taking Time To Make A Spare Key

Spare car keys might not always seem that important; however, they can be a lifesaver in emergencies. Instead of going through the hassle of getting a new car key, a spare key can help you save time and money. On top of that, it will also ensure that you don’t have to suffer after losing the original key.

Spare keys are always a good idea because they work as a safety net and can provide an extra bit of safety. Considering a spare key will help you save your precious time and money. So, be sure to ask your car dealership for a spare key and keep that key in a secure place to avoid losing it or misplacing it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of frequently asked questions regarding this matter:

Is It Possible To Make A New Car Key Without The Original?

Answer: Making a car key without the original is incredibly difficult. However, if the locksmith is an expert, then it is possible. Opting for an automotive locksmith service is a good idea.

Is It Possible For Hardware Stores To Make A Key Without The Main Key?

Answer: It completely depends on the type of hardware store around you. If your local hardware store has an automotive locksmith section, they might help; however, if the case differs, it is impossible.

Is Getting A New Car Key Made Costly?

Answer: Making a new car key is incredibly expensive. So, after losing car keys, this is something to take into consideration; otherwise, a ton of problems can occur.

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Losing car keys can be a real hassle; however, by following the proper steps, the damage can be minimized, and it can be really helpful. Steps to take after you lose the key to the car need to be calculated precisely; otherwise, more problems can occur.

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