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Storage unit locks

If you want to keep your storage unit safe from theft and burglary, your first and foremost priority should be storage locks. Even if a thief goes through all of your security to the storage unit, the lock is the last thing protecting your property. So, you have to pick a good lock for safeguarding your storage unit.

Storage unit locks are the things that give the security that is much needed for your storage units. So, while picking a storage unit lock, you should be careful about picking the right one.

Storage Lock Types

Storage unit locks

There are a few variations in the types of locks for storage units. There are specifically six kinds.

Dial And Combination Lock

There is no need for a key with this kind of lock. To unlock the gadget, dial a combination of numbers or input a code into the keypad.

Key Access Disc Lock

Disc locks are more resistant to cracks from blows, drilling, and lock picking than conventional locks. Unwanted intruders will have a tough time entering because of the little U-shaped shackle.

Key Access Padlock

The locking mechanism of padlocks is either round or rectangular and is connected by chambers. Place the key inside the chamber and spin it counterclockwise to unlock the lock. These are easy and inexpensive to unlock.

Cylinder Lock

Cylinder locks are the most common kind of locks that are usually used on your doors.

Bluetooth Lock

Mobile phones and other suitable devices can be used to operate these locks remotely. You may watch them at all times and locations through an associated app.

Key Lock or Dial Chain Lock

A lengthy chain and a locking mechanism make up these locks, which you may unlock with a key or dial combination. Although they are good for safeguarding your bike, they are ineffective for storage lockers.

Top Storage Locks

There are many storage lock companies in the world right now. Still, not all offer the same level of security and affordable price range. Therefore, here are the ten best locks for storage units and their strong sides and possible drawbacks.

American Lock A700D

You won’t be disappointed with the American series of padlocks if you want the barest amount of security for your storage unit. The first step above is the other locks produced by its parent firm, Master Lock. The 700 series has a stronger lock body and shackle than the other American Lock padlocks. However, instead of the once-standard 6-pin core, 5-pin cores are now used to create each lock. Due to the usage of security pins, they are challenging to select.

There is also the widely reported bypass for these locks in addition to one fewer pin in the lock core. They cannot be shimmed, although there are tools available for bypassing. Ensure the wafer that isolates the lock core from the cam is fitted in your core. This is done to stop the bypass. There is a potential that the wafer won’t be inserted if you purchase an older 6-pin core. However, regardless of the bypass protection, there is a toolkit that can be used to crack the wafer, enabling the bypass tool to carry out its intended task.

Most crooks can be dispatched with a strong lock body and shackle of this disc padlock. It will be more difficult to pick than most other locks. Additionally, you are more interested in protecting your belongings than owners of other storage units while keeping the potential worth of what you are keeping hidden. It is a typical lock with a typical level of security. Good suited if you’re not storing something especially priceless.

Stanley Hardened Steel Padlock

The Stanley padlock is a robust and adaptable lock. These locks give a lot of resistance to destructive entry methods like cutting, pinning, and drilling right out of the box. A few security pins are present in the core, although they are not very noteworthy. However, you can enhance the lock’s security level to whatever using the detachable core. You could even update the core to an EVVA MCS, a high-end component.

The pricing is quite fair for the sturdy structure made of hardened metal. You may use the lock as a storage lock right out of the box if you don’t care about getting maximum use. It is a wonderful option for a storage unit that requires the least protection. Still, if someone attempts to open it with a pair of bolt cutters, they will probably need to buy a new set of bolt cutters.

You may always maintain the lock’s exterior and buy a replacement core if you decide to update your storage lock; whoever tries to break it; then it will be a surprise for them. Even if your lock is targeted, the burglar will believe that this storage lock has a different kind of core than it has.

Best Access Systems 21B

Best makes some of the best available locks in the market. The cores are detachable, but you’ll need a key. Additionally, you can buy these locks with shrouds, making it more difficult to cut their already tough shackles.

The padlocks are the go-to locks for commercial buildings or huge facilities like universities and plants. Best is a fantastic option if you rent many storage spaces and want to lessen some of the headaches of multiple keys. You may have one manufacturer offer a lock for every issue, regardless of whether it is an outdoor storage unit or require different shackle lengths.

Mul-T-lock MT5+ TR 100 “Hockey Puck”

Due to its size and design, this storage lock is not the ideal option for all types of storage units. It does, however, perform a crucial duty. The “Hockey Puck” will cover the hasp and conceal its shackle if the hasp of your storage unit is so weak that it may be cut simpler than attempting to cut any of these incredibly hard locks.

The lock body is composed of thick metal and is quite sturdy. It’s a complex lock. The keyway offers no meaningful defense, making it susceptible to drilling attempts against the lock core. Overall, if your unit can support it, it is an unusual storage lock and a nice option. Although it isn’t the most adaptable storage unit lock, it is undoubtedly strong in terms of security.

Abus Granit

Abus Granit storage locks

The core is exceedingly hard to pick and lacks the flaws found in other, more flimsy disk detainer locks. Without a key, years of lock picking knowledge, and the right lock picking gear, no one can get past the lock core and force the shackle to release.

While it may not seem like a major concern at the time, some people find it exhausting to deal with locks needing additional steps. But you can be sure that the Abus lock gives much protection when locked on your storage container.

Abloy PL 342T

The Abloy 342 is an excellent lock for storage. Its body is connected to the shroud by a continuous piece of metal. Two significant chain links might still fit in its space even if the shackle is somewhat substantial. This lock is excellent if your storage facility is chained shut, but you may use it inside the storage unit. Motorcycles and big machinery can be fastened to the storage unit for further protection.

The core is quite resistant to the majority of covert infiltration methods. Not many individuals will attempt to pry open the Abloy 342. Bump keys are ineffective simply because the internal discs must be rotated, not raised. The hardened steel shackle will ruin most bolt cutters; however, some more extensive versions with the most costly blades can cut it. It is undoubtedly strong and one of the most durable locks on the market.

Medeco M3 Shrouded Padlock

Medeco is one of the most trusted lock companies in the world right now. Criminals are likewise highly wary of this brand. It has a well-established reputation. The world’s greatest locks are universally acknowledged to be produced by Medeco, but this is likely more a reflection of marketing than production.

Although this lock may not provide the maximum degree of protection available, it is enough as a storage unit door lock. It has a stainless steel body and is similarly effective for indoor and outdoor use because of its high level of weather resistance. It can be broken with the right equipment and knowledge. Still, it will prevent even above-average levels of the illegal entrance. stain


When it comes to picking resistance, EVVA MCS is among the most secure locks now in use. It employs grooves on the actual key to control the key pins that are part of a magnetic key system. It is a great lock to possess.

A type of steel alloy is used in its manufacturing. This indicates the shackle and the lock body are both made of high-quality metal. Therefore, the individual attempting to unlock your storage unit will be confused by the interior storage lock’s complicated mechanics.

The lock body has no marking, and those outside the business cannot identify it as a high-security item. Few people will be aware that you have installed a storage lock of maximum security, and no one will target it, believing it is simple to open. This is crucial for a lock that is kept on display.

Abloy Protec2 PL 362

If you thought you wanted the Abloy PL 342T, you might need to check out the Abloy Protec2 PL 362. It has almost all the qualities of the Abloy 342; only it is thicker, stronger, and more expensive with a solid 5 mm increase in steel.

Its size might not be a good match for every storage unit. Still, if it does, it offers an unbelievable level of protection. It is 95.7 mm tall when it comes to height and has a shackle that is half an inch broad, over 4 inches tall, and over an inch wide. All of this is hardened steel.

This kind of lock makes a statement when you put it on your storage unit. Very few extremely skilled people might be able to pick this lock, while it is quite impossible to cut it open.

Ingersoll 10

This is by far the best lock mentioned in this article and probably even the best lock in the market right now. Its core is almost impossible to open with a thick lock body and a thick shrouded shackle.

It’s a really heavy lock that appears to be a solid piece of metal. You are one step closer to creating your fortress if you can put this in your storage unit. There isn’t much to mention about this lock other than that it performs all of the functions you would expect from a storage locker.

Even though these locks are incredibly expensive, the quality is unquestionable. If you care about your storage unit, buy this lock right now, and you will not regret it.

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