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car key with remote alarm control

Remote car key has made a revaluation in the car industry. It has made car driving and maintenance smooth. Starting your vehicle is much quicker, easier, and hassle-free with these modern car keys.

But, there is a cache like every other thing. Although key fobs of remote keys are convenient, they ultimately break down. It is almost certain that your car door won’t unlock someday with your car key fob. Things go south when that someday comes at the wrong time. And gods forbid this tends to happen at the wrong time always! You’re running late for your office or important meeting, trying to get in the car as quickly as possible. Or your child is already late for their school, and you’re making a hurry to reach them the quickest. But wait a sec! Your car has different ideas and doesn’t unlock the door with the key fob.

It’s annoying, but the reasoning behind this can help you tackle this from happening at the wrong time. You will have a brief idea of why the key fob fails to unlock the car door locks and what steps to follow if this happens.

Why The Remote Car Key Stopped Working?

In the past, the physical keys had been used to unlock and start the car. Things have changed, and the remote car key is a significant part of modern cars. Remote car keys are electronic devices that provide keyless entry systems to run or start the car. It performs remotely and enhances the security as well as the user experience.

Any abruption in the remote keys working will stop you from entering or running the car. That won’t be a pleasing experience, especially if you’re in a rush. So, let’s see the reason behind the case of the key fob not working.

  • The car key remote is faulty.
  • Remote key fob battery issues.
  • The car key needs reprogramming.
  • Broken contacts in car key fobs.
  • A damaged transmitter in the keyless entry remote.

Let’s discuss these issues –

The car Key Remote Is Faulty

car key with remote alarm control

This is basic stuff, and there is little chance it to happen. But, having a look nonetheless is not going to hurt.

In some unusual cases, your car door locks won’t open despite everything looking fine. Before jumping to any other step, look at the key fob itself. Use the spare key fob to find out whether your car key is okay. If the spare fob can open the door, then your car remotes definitely have a problem. Also, it might sound silly, but check whether you are using the wrong key.

Remote Key Fob Battery Issues

Every key fob has batteries set in them. Most cars have key fobs with lithium-ion batteries. These batteries have a long shelf-life and are not much expensive either.

Checking the remote’s battery is a good way to start the inspection. The key remote with a dead battery won’t work. Look at this first if your keys stop working.

You can follow a few ways to find the battery model for your car’s remote. First, look at the owner’s manual. Contact a nearby dealer around you if you can’t find the specific dead key fob battery model from the owner’s manual. Also, the model of the key fob batteries is printed on its body. So you can also check this by opening the remote.

Car Key Needs Reprogramming

Your vehicle has a receiver to receive the signals from the remote key. The remote key’s transmitter connects with the vehicle’s receiver to send signals from the key to the vehicle. This is an important mechanism to work the key and vehicle perfectly together.

Technology like this enhances the security system and safety of the vehicle. But it can also stop you from starting the car if the signal connection is not properly paired. If your keyless entry remote stops connecting with the vehicles, you must change the program structure or have an alternative programming sequence. By moving the ignition key a few times, you can do this. Make the door shut before doing this.

You can follow the following steps to fix and reprogram the key –

  • Get inside your car and lock the door handle.
  • Put the key in the ignition hole.
  • Turn the key repeatedly from the locked to the run position to start the car. But do this without starting the car. The frequency of turning the key will change depending on the specific vehicle model.
  • After turning the key a few times, you will possibly hear a chime. The chime should happen again when you press the lock button or the remote’s unlock button.
  • If these steps happened to you, your remote key fob would operate again.

Broken Contacts In Car Key Fob

A remote key fob does not work like a physical key, but it still faces a lot of interaction. The battery connector terminals and buttons are two of the most places to suffer the destruction effect.

Many times just by having a good look, you can find out the hard part. If the battery terminal gets broken, it will feel loose. You can also notice this by looking at this. You can try it by soldering, which might make this work again.

Sometimes the problem lies in other places than the battery terminals. Internal components like buttons also get soldered sometimes. In most cases like these, you will need a new fob.

Damaged Transmitter In The Keyless Entry Remote

a plain car key fob

The remote key has transmitters installed to establish a connection with the vehicles. Having issues in the transmitter won’t let your vehicle be connected with the key. Thus, you can’t control the vehicle.

In the same way, the vehicle also has a component to connect with the key’s transmitter. This component is named as receiver. Issues in either the transmitter or receiver will impact the connecting signals.

A damaged receiver or transmitter will need the hands of a professional locksmith. Contact an automotive locksmith to fix the receiver or transmitter.

What To Do If Your Key Fobs Stop Working?

If you have already looked for the faults previously stated and still can’t find the issue, then you need to move into the next steps.

Contact A Specialist

Sometimes it simply gets difficult to find the problem, or you might not have enough time. You can contact a professional locksmith in this case.

Professionals with their experience will discover the issue in a bit and can also help you to make your next decision.

Replacing The Key Fob

Replacing the key fob depends on the severity of the key fob issues. Sometimes the car’s battery and other components become too dysfunctional that it’s better to change the entire key. It’s also cost-effective because changing many parts will cost you a lot, and still, the problem can arise in a few days.

If you have a spare key available, then you are good to go with that.

Emergency Solution

Nobody wants to be stuck in their vehicles. It’s not a pleasant experience, especially when you get stuck in a remote place.

The first thing you need to do in this situation is to stay calm. The key fob commonly contains a physical key if you typically unlock your car with the button. This key might not start the engine, but you can get into the car with its help.

Get Support From The Professionals

Things don’t always work according to our plans. Sometimes, finding out the problem your car key is facing becomes impossible. Automotive professionals cannot only discover the problem but also provide a long-lasting solution.

Flat Rate Locksmith Atlanta is a reliable name in the automotive industry. Flat Rate Locksmith Atlanta has expert professionals with years of experience. Call 678-686-7426 to get connected with the professionals of Flat Rate Locksmith Atlanta. Flat Rate Locksmith Atlanta offers 24/7 services.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Do You Do When Your Car Key Stops Working?

If required, check and replace your keys. Check for broken contacts or misaligned buttons after removing the keypad. Hire a professional to reprogram your remote, or you can do it yourself. A reset in the remote is required.

Why Is My Car Not Responding To My Key Fob?

A dead or bad battery is the main reason the keypad is having connection issues with the key fob. A spare key fob can open the vehicle and initiates ignition.

Why Is the Key Not Unlocking My Car?

A key fob’s battery is dead, or the faulty transmitter’s circuit board can cause problems when the door gets opened. The key fob is probably broken. Try the panic button, locking, and trunk release option. The other buttons’ poor unlock causes issues when they don’t function properly.

Do I Need To Reprogram My Key Fob After The Battery Replacement?

It is not essential to switch batteries while reprogramming the keys. However, you might need to replace those batteries and make a reconnection with your vehicle while you replace the batteries and other electronic components.

Is There Any Reset Button On A Key Fob?

There is no specific single button for resetting the key fob. But you can reset the key by the press and hold of the button and the lock or unlock button of the key simultaneously. Do this for three seconds. After four seconds, the key fob will generate blue light.

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