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Installing a security bar under a door knob

There is no doubt about how important a home’s security is for the homeowners. You can leave your house peacefully when a house’s entry or bedroom doors are well-secured. Now, do you know how to secure a door? If not, then you are at the right place. This article will discuss ways to secure a door other than using normal door locks.

Standard door locks will surely lock the door, but they will not be able to give full protection. That is why you should use security door braces or barricades to prevent the doors from forced entry. Door barricades like security bars, door jammers, strike plate locks, double cylinder locks, etc., provide extra protection to the doors.

This blog post will discuss the door barricade systems and their features. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

The Reason For Using Door Braces Or Barricades

The door braces are used to make the door closed with protection. People mainly use security braces on an entry door lock. However, remember that you should never use a door brace on a door you use to leave the house. That means you should avoid using door braces on a garage service door.

One of the main reasons for using a door brace is to prevent random break-ins. Burglars are always set to break into homes whenever they get the chance. The nature of the burglars is to target such doors which are weak. They won’t go for breaking garage doors as they are comparatively stronger than the front or the entry doors.

It is easy to break the front doors of the houses in Atlanta with a few kicks if not appropriately secured. That is why it is crucial to use security barricades for doors to prevent being forced open.

Ways To Secure Doors Through Door Barricade Systems

Starting from entry doors and sliding patio doors to solid core doors, one can easily use door barricade systems to make them extremely secure. The door barricade systems are an extra layer of protection for the doors.

It might be an easy task for many burglars to make a door open by breaking a smart lock. But if a door is secured through a barricade or a door brace, no one can enter even after breaking a smart lock. That is why it is best to use door braces for double protection. The door braces secure not only the front door but also secure bedroom door.

Moreover, when you use different barricades or door braces, no one can open the door from outside, even if they have the key.

Using Security Bars

There are three types of security bars by using which you can protect your doors. One is a standard security bar, and the other one is a horizontal security bar. Suppose you plan to install security bars on your door. In that case, you can use any of them depending on your type of security and advantages.

However, it is a concern for many house owners whether the door security bars work. If you are one of them, this article will surely clear out your confusion.

A door security bar is a high-end product that prevents forced entry. The metal or steel bars are the best types as they ensure a closed door without damage. Many times it is seen that reinforcement damages the door or the floor. But you do not have to worry about any damage while installing security bars.

Now, let’s know the main differences between different door bars.

Normal Door Security Bar

Are you looking for a product that will strengthen the house door from the inside? Then, you have the normal bars that protect the house’s security despite having weaker doors.

That means such a type of door barricade reinforces the door with the help of the floor and door knob. It keeps the door secure by resisting force at the middle part of the door. The bar can resist thousands of pounds of force if you have a sturdy door handle/knob and floor.

Remember, not all types of doors are the best suited for installing a security bar. It is best to use this door barricade system on sliding doors.

Horizontal Door Security Bar

This door barricade system strengthens the outward opening door. The horizontal ones are stronger than the normal bars and can bear a high force.

The installation process is easy; you only need two lag bolts to enter the jack studs next to the door frame attached to the wall. Skid the bar’s slot on the top of the lag bolts to fix the bar.

Unlike the normal bars, the horizontal bars do not depend on the strength of the doorknob. That makes the horizontal bar one of the strongest door bar systems. So, your house security system will be safe even if the door frame, deadbolt, or hinges get destroyed.

The Master Lock Door Bars

Installing a security bar under a door knob

The master door security bar is ideal for the doors inside your house. The best feature of such type of a door bar is that it has a removal head. This removal head helps the master door bar work on the sliding doors.

The main advantage of the master door bar is no need for any screws to finish the installation process. You have to place the bar between the below part of the doorknob and the floor. Moreover, it is made of solid steel, holding the door and preventing forced entry.

Most importantly, one must be very careful when installing such a bar. The installation process is hassle-free but the trickiest one. One small mistake will make the bar ineffective in providing security.

Using Door Jammers

If you are considering using a portable door lock to secure a door, it is best to use a door jammer. It prevents any would-be intruder from gaining entry. The word ‘jam’ from the door jammers makes sense in its literal meaning. It jams the door and prevents the opening from force kicks.

The door jammers are mainly placed on the base of the opposite side of the door hinges. Also, as it is a portable door barricade system, there is no need to drill holes.

However, there are also door jammers that are not portable door locks. Such types of jammers are attached to a floor plate.

Use A Strike Plate Lock

Many people prefer using a standard door chain to avoid break-ins. But you should know such door chains will not give absolute protection. Breaking a traditional door chain with strong kicks or body force is easy. Instead, it is safe to use a strike plate lock to secure a door.

Strike plate locks are like door chains but with more durability. This door barricade system is suitable for strengthening the door lock from the inside.

It is not easy to gain access by overcoming the strike plate lock. That is why such locks protect the exterior door from the inside. Moreover, the installation process is so easy that one can install it without a locksmith’s help. All you have to do is fix or attach the strike plate lock with the door jamb.

Using A Nightlock Door Barricade

The night-lock barricade is not portable; you must screw the floor with a base plate to attach it. Using a night lock barricade is the best option to choose if your house has concrete flooring or tiles. Besides this, such types of barricades are more suitable for french doors.

Using Half Deadbolt

For additional security, using a half-deadbolt is one of the permanent solutions. People use half-deadbolts when they already use a proper deadbolt on their door. The appropriate installation place for the half-deadbolt is just above your door’s existing deadbolt. Moreover, it remains just below the upper door frame.

When you install a half-deadbolt, outsiders cannot see it as there are no keyholes on the outer part of the door. So, a half-deadbolt is only visible inside your house if you are looking for a barricade that provides maximum strength to bear enough force.


A French door

Do door braces work?

Door braces provide extra security to the doors that door hinges cannot offer. They attach the door firmly to the ground and act as additional locks. It prevents burglars from successfully entering any house.

How do you reinforce a hollow door?

Hollow doors are weaker than solid core doors. So, it is best to use a steel striker plate with a high-end security end. Also, simply replacing the small screws of the hinges with longer screws will make a hollow door sturdy.

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That’s all about the methods to secure a door. You can easily give extra security to your house by installing door braces. Now that you know which door braces are suitable for what kind of doors, you can easily choose the best door barricade system for your house door.

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