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commercial locks

Whether you have spent years building a profitable business or are just getting started, you must keep your premises as secure as possible. Furthermore, how can your location be protected from undesirable people in a case when you are not present? You don’t want any strangers to come into your office or commercial space for no reason.

Thus, when it comes to security, you need to be careful. It is the primary reason why many firms utilize commercial door locks to secure their standard door and window in their offices, warehouses, and retail stores.

If you’re considering getting new locks for your commercial property, it’s crucial to acquire a sense of which sorts of door locks will best meet your needs. Employing the services of licensed locksmiths in Atlanta is one way to execute this.

Flat Rate Locksmith Atlanta team of professional locksmiths will inspect your business premises and advise you on the best solution for you. With our fast technician response time, we can install the best locks.

What Is A Commercial Grade Lock?

There are various kinds of door locks. The door locks are bifurcated based on grades and ratings. The quality of any door lock is determined based on the following things:

  • Durability
  • Function and Application
  • Strength
  • Cycles
  • Material Evaluation & Finish
  • Cost

These features help you decide the most appropriate commercial door lock for your business place. A commercial-grade lock always has a higher rating.

Learn About Different Commercial Grade Door Locks

You should purchase door locks for offices in commercial buildings as per your needs and budget. The Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association (BHMA) is the one that created the commercial lock grading system.

Explaining the different grades of a commercial door lock can help you choose the ideal one.

Grade 1

The most robust and durable commercial locks are placed under the first-grade category. These are heavy-duty door locks and provide the most outstanding level of security. In terms of cycles, this lock can resist up to twice the amount of use as locks under grade 2.

These kinds of commercial door locks are advised to be used on exterior doors and high traffic areas. You can choose grade 1 commercial locks for a public or commercial building with large capacities.

Grade 2

This category includes mid-range commercial hardware. Locks of Grade 2are intended for use on outside entry points with low to medium traffic. They can also be used on interior doors if a high level of security is required. It can be used for office areas and entrances to storage rooms having expensive merchandise or equipment.

Grade 3

Any locks classified as grade 3 are considered standard. These door locks are suitable for residential doors or areas in residential buildings.

Deciding Which Commercial Door Locks Are Best For Your Business

Once you find out the commercial door grade that’s suitable for you, it’s time to know about different commercial door lock types. Below we have listed the most popular types of secure commercial door locks to help you decide.

Mortise Locks

These types of commercial garage doors are high-grade commercial door lock types known for their strength and reliability, making them the ideal choice for constantly used areas.

The mortise lock is divided into two sections:

There is a cylindrical section responsible for locking functionality. The main advantage of these types of commercial garage doors is that they can be used continuously, and there will be the least wear and tear.

The reason is the deadbolt part of the lock. The part is present inside the lock’s body which makes it tough for someone to enter with force.

When it comes to business use, you won’t find a more appealing and effective door lock than this one. As far as security is concerned, you might not find it a better choice.

Cylindrical Lever Locks

This is one type of standard commercial door lock type, which can be used for interior as well as exterior doors. In addition, cylindrical lever locks have major advantages that:

  • They are inexpensive in comparison to mortise locks
  • They take lesser time in installation

The cylindrical lever locks are prevalent because it offers a wide range of aesthetic alternatives. Besides that, there are two ways how you can use them:

  • With one single key
  • With a combination of keys and using the push-button

Keypad Door Locks

This type is one other type of popular commercial locks. These locks include a numerical key where you have to enter a combination for keyless entry. There is the possibility that Keypad Door Lock comes with non-numerical buttons that you press in a specific order to receive entrance.

The main advantages are:

  • No worries about staff misplacing keys as they need to enter passcodes to enter the premises.
  • This door lock is difficult for intruders to break. Thus, there is no chance for unauthorized people to get access through the door.

You can easily manage access to people entering your premises with keypad door locks.

Panic Bars/ Crash Bars Locks

Another type of commercial door lock is Crash bar doors. These door locks are also known by the name — panic bar doors. They can be seen in schools, emergency doors, restaurants, theatres, etc. These doors are kept shut and can be opened from inside during emergencies. If these panic bars are installed on an emergency door, an alarm is triggered.

Panic bars are straightforward to install and use. Using this door lock doesn’t require any particular skills. However, these door locks provide amazing security in high-traffic commercial buildings.

Electric Strike Locks

Now, we will discuss the last popular type in the series. As the name implies, commercial electric strike locks are types of electronic door locks. Electric strike locks are a fusion of some of the locks mentioned above, specifically the panic bar and the keypad lock. Except for their primary mode of functioning, they are comparable to other door locks.

They use an electric strike plate instead of a regular striking plate. This electric strike plate is a circuit component activated if there is a break or connection in the circuit.

There are two types of electric strike locks – fail-safe lock and fail-secure lock. Both of these locks are capable of handling lots of daily foot traffic.

Which Lock Should You Choose?

Now that you have learned about various commercial-grade locks, you may be wondering about the lock type you will need for your commercial door. It depends on two factors:

  • The size of the business
  • The type of the business

As per our recommendations, you can go for crash bar door locks when you deal with hazardous materials on the premises. It’s also the preferred commercial lock type when your business has several visitors all day.

Overall, it depends on what level of security you need. This is where the skills of a professional locksmith can come in handy.

Conclusion – Keep Your Business Place Secured With Premium Quality Commercial Door Locks

Choosing high-grade locks is necessary to run a business and keep it secured. It not only keeps you and your employees safe but also keeps thieves and burglars away from your property.

No matter the type of commercial door locks you choose for your office or residence, what’s necessary is to get them installed properly and professionally. We offer a variety of locks for various types of commercial doors.

Flat Rate Locksmith is widely known for providing quick and reliable door lock installation services. We are your one-stop destination for the best commercial door locks, from electronic locks to the keypad door lock and keyless entry.

Our team of highly skilled and experienced locksmiths can help you choose the finest lock for your door. If you are not sure what type of lock is suitable for our business place, give a quick call to our professional and talk about your requirements.

Where To Buy Commercial Door Locks?

If you’re looking for commercial-grade locks for your office or building, it is time to contact a professional who provides expert service to clients. We advise that you contact us at 678-686-7426 to add another level of security to your business.

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