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car key duplication

Let’s admit it: car keys are pretty easy to misplace, causing problems in the daily lives of all car owners. Furthermore, these keys frequently disappear when and where you least expect them to. Lost keys cause issues, and you don’t want that to disrupt your work or life.

It’s stressful to lose or break a car key, and it’s always good to have an alternative by your side. Therefore, you can consider getting a copy of your car key. However, most people resist having one due to the duplicate key’s extra cost. Also, we cannot deny that having a spare car key can compromise the car’s security.

Regardless, if you have lost the keys to your cars and don’t have those extra spare keys, the keys can be duplicated or replaced. It all depends on the kind of car key, dealership, or locksmith you hire and if you have a duplicate key or the vehicle identification number.

Car Key Type That Can Be Duplicated

All kinds of modern keys can be duplicated at an automotive locksmith shop. Here are a few to name:

  • Basic keys
  • Key fobs
  • Transponder keys
  • Laser-cut key or sidewinder keys
  • Switchblade keys
  • Proximity keys
  • Key-fob duplication

However, the question is, how much does it cost to make duplicate keys for a car?

Factors That Determine The Car Key Duplication Cost

The Duplicate Car Key Makers

The making charges greatly rely on the personnel you are approaching. That means the cost of duplication depends on the person who is repairing your key. Car dealership services charge a considerable amount to duplicate your old car key. In contrast, a nearby locksmith service won’t charge you that much. The service you get depends on whom you ask to duplicate your key. However, you might observe that the key done by a local locksmith service is not always of top-quality, and you may face problems working with it.

Car Key Type

The more is complexity, and the more significant is the repairing cost. This theory usually works in the case of making car keys. The old and basic car keys are equipped with fewer functions and lesser security advancements than the newer ones. The makers of luxury cars consider security on priority, so the fob keys of luxury cars are expensive to make and program. In contrast, the old cars with a basic car key don’t have high-tech security functions.

Furthermore, the duplicating process of a luxury car key is comparably complex and requires several additional components such as a laptop for programming and a couple of cables.

Car key Duplicator Machine

A typical machine is used to duplicate the car key. The complexity of the device also depends on whether it is a high-tech key fob or just a conventional key. Programing and duplication of premium keys are time-consuming and super expensive. A single modification in a premium key will charge you a pretty penny because of its complexity. A single wrong carve of the key can make the key un-functional. At the same time, basic car keys do not demand much time. Therefore, the cost relies on the amount of time your car key takes and the equipment used in the modification process.

Key Duplication vs. Key Replacement

It is also essential to know the difference between duplicating a car key, replacing a car key, and making a completely new car key. As the name implies, a duplicate car key is ideally an identical replica of the key you already have. As a result, to have a duplicate car key created, you must first have your existing physical key in your possession.

If you do not have your existing physical or original key, you should not be concerned about the expense of car key duplication. At this point, you will need to get your key changed (either because the key broke in the lock, or because you misplaced your car keys, etc.) or a new key cut. A professional locksmith or a dealership can assist you.

The duplication process is comparatively less demanding and costly than expected. However, keeping duplicate car keys might not be the best decision in terms of safety, but it may be of great help in times of emergency when you are unable to get your key.

What is a car key fob?

A car key fob is a keyless key to unlock the car door. By using a car key fob, you can open the car from a distance without touching the lock. Car key fob systems are old conventional car keys since they are more complex and ensure high security.

A thief cannot open the key fob lock system using a bobby pin or foldable metal device. Therefore, the system ensures your car’s security and reduces the risk of vulnerability to theft. New vehicles come with a key fob mechanism, unlike the old ones.

The old car systems were unreliable and were comparatively easy to open without their actual key. Perhaps, old car key replacement was not as expensive as the new cars with the key fob.

Replacement car key or transponder key programming for newer cars is comparatively expensive and complicated as it is tough to repair and replace. But you don’t need to worry; you have to look around for professional car key duplication or lock replacement services.

Many locksmith companies offer transponder key replacement services and advanced car lock repair services at a reasonable price. These companies do not even compromise with your car’s security system and use premium material for repair and replacement.

One such company is Flat Rate locksmith services. You can opt for this company for premium and affordable services by reliable locksmiths. More of the information is available on its page Flat Rate locksmith services. You can discuss the query with its customer care executive by dialing the number given on its website.

Cost Of Car Key Replacement

Now that we’ve covered all of the actions you’ll need to follow when calculating the cost of car key duplication, it’s time to look at some numbers. It would be best to remember that this is about car key duplication, not car key replacement, cutting new keys, or anything else. However, we will discuss how the prices for car key duplication vary when other services, such as key programming, are required. Let’s get started:

  • The cost of copying a traditional key at your local hardware store runs from $1.25 to $2, and your hardware store can usually only copy standard keys.
  • The price of copying a basic key at a locksmith shop runs from $1.50 to $4, but as previously said, they will have a more extensive selection of key blanks for car owners to choose from.
  • The cost of duplicating car keys with extra features (transponder chip key, etc.) starts at $120 at a locksmith establishment. The price difference is primarily determined by the type of car key blank that you require.
  • Duplicating car keys at an automotive dealership might cost up to $150. The gap in these prices is primarily because automobile retailers rarely replace essential keys, and they typically operate with transponder keys or key fobs.

The prices listed above are for car key duplication alone and do not include any further services that your duplicate car key may require. Essentially, duplicating can be a breeze for older, essential car keys because nothing extra needs to be done. However, if you have a modern car key that uses transponder chips, you will need to consider the cost of programming your transponder key.

Before the advent of the twenty-first century, a lot had changed. Many of these improvements resulted from technological advancements that also found their way into the car sector. Many car manufacturers began to utilize transponder chips in the keys around this period.

This simple act makes cars considerably more challenging to steal and keys much more difficult to copy. The chip operates by sending a signal to a receiver installed in the ignition. The vehicle will not start if the wrong key is used (i.e., the incorrect signal is detected).

This implies that if your original key contains transponder chips, your duplicate car key will be unable to start your vehicle. In this situation, you will need to program the chip in your duplicate transponder key to function with the receiver in your ignition.

When this happens, the cost of duplicating a car key rises, and you are then given completely another service. However, if you get in touch with a friendly locksmith, they may be willing to program car keys for you. Let’s have a look at some of these extra expenses:

  • Programming a transponder key at a local automotive locksmith business ranges from $30 to $75, bringing the total cost to $150 to $195. Please keep in mind that prices may be significantly higher in some cases.
  • Programming a transponder key at an automotive dealership will cost you more than $150.

Why Choose Professional Locksmith Services?

If you take your key to your local hardware store in quest of a replica, you will undoubtedly find someone who can assist you. However, many hardware shop staff lack the necessary competence to provide accurate information about your purchase. They’ve just been taught to feed your existing key into a machine so that a replica may be created, and they can only duplicate a primary car key.

On the other hand, if you take your key to a reputable local locksmith or the dealership where you purchased your vehicle, you will be assisted by experts who have been educated to duplicate car keys (among other things). This is why car key duplication costs vary depending on where you have the duplicate made.

Furthermore, local locksmiths and car dealers typically have a far greater inventory and selection of key blanks to choose from. If you visit your local hardware store, you will see that they do not have a large selection of key blank, especially car key blank.

Though a car dealership can be ideal for getting a duplicate key, an automotive locksmith service is affordable. A locksmith makes more precise key cuts and can even help you get a duplicate transponder key.

Further, it would help look for a locksmith that offers car key services like creating duplicate or replacement key fobs. Flat Rate Locksmith can copy car keys of any car brand. With our professional service, we make key duplication quick!

Affordable Car Key Replacement And Duplication Services

Flat Rate Locksmith takes pride in being one of the most cost-effective locksmith service providers. Our trained locksmiths are eager to go the extra mile for you. We will supply you with high-quality car key duplication at our shop or via mobile service.

Our locksmiths are highly educated to duplicate and program intelligent keys, transponder keys, high-security keys, sidewinder keys, and key fobs for almost all vehicle brands. We consistently work hard to ensure that our locksmith services are of superior quality.

It is crucial to have a spare key because you never know when you require it. Accidents happen, and you may lose or break your key. Your spare key will be helpful in such scenarios. A car key duplication will save money and time if you need it.

Why Choose Flat Rate Locksmith Services?

At Flat Rate Locksmith, we have all of the necessary equipment in our Atlanta storefront so that you can come in and have your car key duplicated and programmed right away. We make sure that our quotes are accurate and that our pricing is reasonable. Our competent locksmiths can come to your location to replace your keys and program them on the spot.

Before beginning the work, the technician will go over everything with you and obtain your approval. We make sure you understand the procedure and cost, and we never charge hidden fees.


Rather than relying on your old locksmith services, consider searching for companies that offer trustworthy and premium services at an affordable price. Flat Rate Locksmith is one such company. Moreover, Flat Rate provides the fastest mobile service so that you don’t have to wait for your locksmith for hours. Additionally, they provide discounts and exciting offers now and then.

Are You Looking For The Best Locksmith Service?

Whether you’re looking for laser cut keys, remote key fobs, or a brand new key, Flat Rate Locksmith is your one-stop-destination for key duplication and replacement. Call 678-686-7426 to avail of professional locksmith services!

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