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Locksmith McDonough GA

If you need emergency locksmith services in the McDonough, Georgia area, Flat Rate Locksmith Service has you covered. We have been actively working in this field for a long time, providing customer satisfaction at reasonable prices.

Why Choose Flat Rate?

In the McDonough area, you will find several other businesses that provide locksmith services. Most of them are just as good at their job with locksmith service, but if you’re looking for the best professional service, Flat Rate is your best bet. We have provided our customer’s professional assistance with their locks, keys, and car security issues.

Quick Response Time

Are you locked out of your house or car? Our emergency locksmith services are here to help. Our locksmiths will arrive quickly to assist you with any residential, commercial, or business needs. We offer high-security locks and keys to keep you safe in your own space.

Our mobile locksmith service is available by phone. We offer professional installation or repair of high-security locks and keys for doors on your property, company, or business.


Customers have widely appreciated our long-standing locksmith service in McDonough. Thanks to our great reputation, we have people contacting us from all over, asking us to solve their residential, commercial, and business security needs. It has taken us a long time to gain the trust of our customers, but it is something that we cherish and work hard to maintain.

Our locksmith service team has worked with all kinds of locks and keys. Working with various options gives them access to extensive knowledge of their work. We can assure you of a professional locksmith service because of their experiences and expertise with lock replacement and access control services.

Services We Provide

Our vast experience allows us to provide our customers with more services. We have worked with commercial and residential locksmith services for a long time, providing multiple different assistance. Among a lot, some of our popular services, including lock repairs, are –

  • Key Extraction
  • Rekey
  • Access Control
  • Lock Change
  • And many more

Our At House Access Control Services

We are available at your service wherever in McDonough, GA, you may need us. We have an entirely separate team dedicated to at-home services for your ease of comfort and convenience.

This team includes small portions of our locksmith services, including mobile, emergency, residential, and commercial locksmiths. All of whom are waiting on you to reach us only from anywhere near Mcdonough, GA.

Our mission is to ensure that our customers know the questions they should ask and the safety measures they should take when hiring any McDonough locksmith.

Whether you need assistance with a house lockout, car lockout, auto lockouts, car key, car lock, lock change, lock replacement, or access control. Each of our services applies to the back door and any other type of doors or locks you may have all over Atlanta.

Our locksmith services include:

  • Residential locksmith services
  • Commercial locksmith services
  • Automobile locksmith services

Residential Locksmith Services

Home security is one of the top priorities we give to our customers. Your security is always our responsibility, so we ensure to provide the best services for you and your family.

Here are the services we include in residential areas:

  • Brand new key cutting
  • Lock replacement
  • High-security installation and modification
  • Main door security upgrade
  • Regular and advanced lock installation
  • And so on

Commercial Locksmith Services

It is essential to have high-security business locks to keep inventory and other valuables safe. However, it is important to select the right locks to establish strong security. We recommend our clients consider high-security door locks to ensure the safety of their belongings.

Below are some of the commercial locksmith services we provide

  • Biometric locks repair and installation
  • Upgradable security lock replacement
  • Advanced lockout services
  • Key replacement
  • Secret security service
  • And so on

Automobile Locksmith Services

There may come a time when you experience problems with your car locks. You can count on us to provide emergency locksmith services when this happens. Our team of professionals is skilled in dealing with car locks. They will provide you with the best service possible in McDonough, GA.

Here are the automobile locksmith services we include:

  • Ignition and high-security lock services
  • Trunk and car door unlock
  • Broken key fix
  • High-security car lock repair
  • And so on

Areas We Cover With Residential And Commercial Locksmith Services

We are committed to ensuring our clients have the safest and most satisfactory experience possible. To do this, each of our teams specializes in one sector while remaining fully capable of meeting general standards.

Our residential locksmith group works specializing in Georgia with high security –

  • Access control
  • Lock change and lock repairs
  • Locked Front door and Garage door
  • Key extraction

Our commercial locksmith group specializes in working with property, companies, businesses, and offices from McDonough, Georgia, to Atlanta for:

  • Installation of lock and key
  • Transponder Keys

To make things more convenient and secure for our locksmiths and clients, we accept major credit cards for commercial jobs in McDonough, Georgia, and Atlanta.

Security With Emergency Locksmith Services in McDonough, GA

If you choose a locksmith from any random city, whether in Georgia, Atlanta, or locksmiths from McDonough, local to the town, it is essential to ask a few questions. Knowing their emergency locksmith installation procedure, lockouts and access control services, and locks and keys information are vital. Even if your locksmith is a great guy, you should keep tabs on their company schedule to ensure he is the one instructed to go over.

  • New locks, keys duplication, lock change, key extraction security, and procedure.
  • House lockout and car lockout security

Background Check On The Locksmiths

We recommend doing a thorough background check over the phone or going to the locksmith’s office in McDonough, Lithonia, Griffin, Smyrna, and other cities near McDonough, GA. It is ideal to know how they work with different doors, locks, and keys and their brand.

All these steps ensure that even though you’re installing a security system at your place, whether in Georgia or Atlanta, the locksmiths installing the lock and key are safe to enter your space. It is to ensure they don’t mess up the locks or the key that could endanger where you should be secure.

About Us

We are a company that has worked long and hard to be where we are. With love from our clients and the relentless hard work from our locksmith group, we have been able to cover Atlanta and now working on covering GA all the way.

We began as a small company working with regular locks and keys. With hard work and a fantastic group of locksmiths, we are working and collaborating with other locksmiths in Atlanta and GA. We have also been able to work with numerous major brands in Atlanta for lock and key. We have also been supported by major credit card companies in GA who backed us up with our commercial needs.

We hope you feel confident enough to reach out to us for an appointment with locks. Here’s how you contact us:

Phone: 678-686-7426


How Long Should A Repair Job Last?

All our work is done with thorough attention to detail and sharp eyes. We assure you that our repair jobs to last you an entire year’s worth of service. If not, we offer a refund and replacement options too.

Are The Items Purchased And Used New?

Everything we use comes sealed and intact, and we leave it as is for clients when they want to purchase it. We don’t break any seal or re-shelf a used item as it could contaminate the others and go below our standard.

Do We Plan On Expanding Our Business?

We have bigger plans with our Atlanta locksmith group as we look to cover all of GA very soon. Moreover, we are determined that covering GA will happen sooner and easily with our dedicated client base.

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