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Are you searching for the best residential, automotive, or commercial locksmith in Mansfield, GA? Then you are exactly where you should be right now! Flat Rate Locksmith is a reputed locksmith service provider in your area.

For years, Flat Rate Locksmith has provided top-notch locksmith services with our qualified and highly trained employees at any hour of the day. Our locksmith service offers more professional and skilled locksmiths than your nearest locksmith in Mansfield county.

Call 678-686-7426 for the best locksmith experience in Mansfield, GA, for standard and emergency locksmith services.

Flat Rate Locksmith, The Cheapest Solution For The Finest Service!

Why do you need a locksmith service? Well, the answer is obvious. Losing keys, locking out, faulty locks, and lock change are the things that happen to everyone once in their lifetime. To solve these kinds of problems, you require professional locksmith services.

Our services include lock change, re-key, installation of new locks, car key replacement, extraction of stuck keys, security management, changing door locks, master key system, repair locks, smart locks installation, calibration of padlocks, making extra keys, fixing ignition locks, car door locks, car keys and many more. We provide residential, automotive, and commercial services. Our services cost cheaper compared to other locksmith services in Mansfield, GA.

We are the most reasonable Mansfield, GA locksmiths offering you fast, responsive, safe, secure, and reliable locksmith service at the most affordable price.

Flat Rate Locksmith is equipped with highly trained employees licensed to work as professional locksmiths. We guarantee to give you the best locksmith service at the best price available throughout the whole county.

Why Flat Rate Locksmith Company? Why Us?

If you have found yourself in one of those situations where you need the assistance of a professional locksmith service, the first thing you will do is search on the internet. You are probably thinking about “why this company,” right?

Yes, we understand. As a customer, you have the right to look for the best locksmith services in your area, and we encourage you to do so. But let us tell you why you should pick Flat Rate Locksmith Company over other Mansfield locksmiths. Let’s get started –

Reliable Locksmith Service

Locksmith is a progressive and ongoing business where regular learning and training of the employees are required to carry out the services successfully. Flat Rate Locksmith company has experienced technicians who have been trained for years before being deployed for services.

We are a reputed company with lots of happy customers. We also provide emergency services for rapid actions. Contact us for the most reliable locksmith service available in Mansfield, GA.

Reasonable Price

Locksmith service costs shouldn’t be close to the replacement costs of the locks. There are plenty of locksmith companies that randomly ask for the prices. But we are not one of those companies. We have services for every price point. You have the lowest budget for these services; we can do it within your budget. Our services ensure a great experience and customer satisfaction at the most reasonable price.

Fast Response

The response is significant for times like emergencies. Flat Rate Locksmith Company offers emergency locksmith services when you need us the most. Our job is to reach your house, car, and offices within the shortest time possible. Our services are available 24/7 to assist you at any hour. We also have an emergency locksmith service program where our professional locksmiths are always available for your emergency needs.


Security is the most crucial topic in our line of work. Why should you allow a stranger inside your house or office, right? Yes, we understand your concern. That’s why every employee is officially licensed for the job. That means they are always accountable to us for every program. Contact us (678-686-7426) for the best locksmith in Mansfield, GA.

Emergency Locksmith Services 24/7

Have you locked yourself out inside your house? Your car key is not working? You need to leave for the office, but you can’t find your keys? These types of inconveniences can be annoying. Flat Rate Locksmith Company provides emergency locksmiths within the shortest time available for these kinds of emergencies.

Flat Rate Locksmith Company is available 24/7, including weekends and holidays. The problems don’t arise with notifying. That’s why there is no suitable time for requiring a locksmith service. You never know when your luck will fail or you will need assistance from us. For this reason, we are available 24/7 to be able to help you in any situation at any hour.

If you search for the best locksmith in Mansfield, GA, you should consider us over other locksmith services for safe, secure, fast, responsive, and emergency locksmith services. We provide the most immediate emergency locksmith services across Mansfield county.

Flat Rate Locksmith Services

The quality and range of services define a company’s reliability. Let us demonstrate the services we provide across Mansfield, GA.

Residential Locksmith Service

Home sweet home. Securing your house correctly is the ultimate priority for both you and us. Flat Rate Locksmith company is delightful to let you know about our residential services. Also, we are ever ready to assist you at any hour with any emergency residential services.

Our residential services include

  • Install new locks for the doors.
  • Door lock change.
  • Installation of locks in a new home project.
  • Repair and replace door locks.
  • Front door lockout solutions.
  • Master key for the homeowner.
  • Modern high-security automation installation.
  • Duplication keys for multiple owners.
  • Rekey for a new key set for all the locks.
  • Emergency locksmith solutions for lockouts.
  • Change locks for the doors.
  • High-security system installation.
  • Decorative altering of door locks.
  • Repair and installation process of alarm system.
  • And much more.

Car Key And Lock Services

You can try our automotive locksmith services if you ever lose keys to your car or accidentally lock them out from the outside. We specialize in car locksmith services. Most people call us to make the new keys, replace or rekey car locks. We will solve every automotive lock-related problem you encounter.

Here’s the list of automotive services we provide

  • Car lockout solution.
  • We extract stuck or broken keys from car locks.
  • Ignition lock repair and replacement.
  • Duplication of car keys.
  • Rekey all the locks.
  • Programing transponder keys.
  • Calibration and update of car keys.
  • Battery replacement of car keys.
  • Modern key cutting technology via laser.
  • Car trunk lock repair and servicing.
  • Install alarm for cars.

Business Security Locksmith Services

Security is the most concerning thing for a business. The locks work to protect the valuable goods from theft and robbery. Businesses are quite a dedication to owners already. The additional thinking about security is unnecessary.

As we have a business of our own, we understand your concern more than anyone. Let us worry about your locks for you. We provide top-notch locksmith services at any location inside Mansfield, GA.

Our commercial locksmith services include

  • Install new locks
  • Smart lock install.
  • Security cameras and alarms installed.
  • Emergency locksmiths for rapid service.
  • Remove installed locks and replace them with new ones.
  • Master key for the owner.
  • Unlock locked outdoors.
  • Padlock install.
  • Sensors and automation install.
  • Office lockouts.
  • And more.

The Best Mansfield Locksmith Company Ever!

A company is recognized for its quality of service and its reasonable pricing. There are plenty of Mansfield GA Locksmith services to choose from. All those bold claims are useless if the service is not satisfactory to the customers.

We are not one of these Mansfield locksmith services. We believe that if you are providing a service, your priority should be customer satisfaction, not profit. We are a good service provider company that focuses the customer satisfaction before anything. We are a licensed service provider company with great reviews from our previous customers.

You should choose our service over others because of our quality, versatility, commitment, security, emergency locksmith services, great pricing, and, most importantly, customer satisfaction. We can guarantee that we provide the finest Mansfield locksmith services. Call us (678-686-7426) now for the best locksmith experience ever!

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