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smart locks with keypad

We’ve been using locks for centuries to protect our homes from intruders. Therefore, locks are crucial and cannot be compromised in quality and build. But is your traditional doing the work well?

With increasing technology, we’ve been gifted with unbelievable technology services which have made almost every work easy. In contrast, the number of burglaries has also risen because the intruders probably upgraded. Therefore, do you still believe in relying on the same traditional locks to save your belongings?

Moreover, the old keys are uncomfortable to carry and easy to slip. Imagine losing your key just before leaving the office?

Do you still have to rely on the old keys?

My answer would probably be, ‘Stop carrying the old lock keys!’. It’s time to dump your old keys and switch to digital locks. The part of having a smart lock at your home is that there’s no need to carry a key every time you leave home. This article will see some fantastic benefits of having intelligent locks, and however, you’ll also see some drawbacks that are worth noting.

Are smart locks safe to be installed at homes and commercials?

We have been using the old locks for centuries now. The traditional lock is easy to use and provides considerable security to your place. They are easy to modify and yet tough to crack. Since you all might have traditional locks at your home, you must wonder why you should switch to a complex one. The answer is quite simple, but we need to look at some advantages and disadvantages of traditional locks.


A variety of traditional locks are available in the market. People familiar with standard locks might know the extent of quality that a single type of conventional lock offers.

Your homes’ existing deadbolt locks are tough to crack. Moreover, you can make it even hard by simply following the proper installation instructions.

You can add safety to your lock with the help of a strike plate, which will resist lock break due to the application of extreme force on the front door.

You might get some secure conventional locks in the market. However, we have seen that adding some essential pieces of equipment like strike plates and elongated deadbolts can enhance security.


Burglars usually put full force to crack your lock. Moreover, your door lock might break after intense pressure is applied to the front door.

You might add more accessories to your conventional lock to amplify its security system. Still, the fact cannot be denied that there is a safer smart lock overweighing the best traditional locks available in the market.

But why spend some extra bucks to get new smart door locks and discard the old ones?

We have seen that upgrading your door security is worth every extra penny. Here we have enlisted some relevant uses and benefits that you need to have a vigil on.

Are smart locks as secure as your conventional lock system?

Depending upon your requirement, both the locks are good enough. However, if you are looking for smart security systems, we have depicted some perks that you will enjoy with smart security systems. The fact that smart locks secure your household comparatively. check out some fantastic advantages that are worth noting:

No need to carry your old keys every time

With a smart door locks safe security system, you no longer have to carry along the old metal heavy keys in your pocket. The conventional keys are easy to slip and make your home vulnerable if dropped accidentally. Most smart locks offer a keyless entry system. With the help of a keyless entry system, you can easily access your home lock using your smartphone or with the help of your fingerprint.

It also offers features like card keys or key fobs, with the help of which you can easily open your door lock without physically touching the lock. Another option available with a smart lock system is the keypad panel. You can enter your pin or give a personal pin code to your known or relative with the help of which they can access your system in your absence.

Technology oriented locks

Can smart locks be updated with the upgrading technology?

Yes, many smart locks do. With new technologies, we have seen that the smart lock systems are also upgraded to provide you with the latest security. Many smart locks come with security cameras and an access control system. With its help, you can easily track all the movements inside your home.

The access control system enables you to catch up with every movement at your home, even in your absence. Also, the smart camera feature allows it to record all of the activities around your door.

Connectivity with smartphone

Your smartphone is probably compact with all of the features you might be searching for, including radio, map, compass, and whatnot. But what if I tell you that you can access your door lock with the help of your smartphone.

Yes, it’s true. The smart features enable you to access the door with the help of your phone by the remote control access feature. You don’t have to carry any keys, and you’ll be updated on your phone about all the activities around your door.

Elegant and sleek design

With a high-tech security feature, your smart door locks are delicate and sleek. Therefore, you get security and style both at the same time. The smart door lock comes with an auto-lock feature because of which you do not have to worry about checking the door twice and thrice before sleep, and you can quickly leave your home without any worry.

One of the auto-lock features of the smart door lock is activated. It will not open with a valid key, and only the owner can access the right key of the door lock. Therefore, it ensures style along with double security.

No more hiding spare keys

You might be fed up with constantly hiding your keys under the doormat. You keep on changing the position of your key because you are worried because of constant burglary news. Do not worry.

With a smart keyless door entry system, you do not need keys, and therefore, there is nothing to hide under mats. The smart system also comprises of smart speaker and voice control mechanism with the help of which your smart lock with follow up your verbal commands.

Isn’t it amazing?

Yes, it is.

Is installation smart door lock worth it?

The smart locks work by the same method as the traditional lock. The choice totally depends on what features you want to have in your home. One of the drawbacks of the smart lock is that it is vulnerable to cyber-attacks. However, some trust smart locks more than conventional locks due to other features like cameras and additional security systems.

You should reach out to the right locksmith who will help you pick the right lock for your household. Traditional locks that come with stiff deadbolts and strike plates are the sole choice of many. Whereas, if you look for advanced systems like access control, smart lock systems are your pick.


Is it appropriate to trust any locksmith for smart lock installation?

There are many competing companies in the market like an august smart lock. However, it would help if you went for the correct pick that suits your budget and serves premium quality locks. We recommend Flat Rate locksmiths who have been in this business for years.

Are smart locks only available for doors?

No, the smart locks don’t need to be only available for door locks. Car and cupboard locks and possibly every lock come with a technology-driven smart lock option. It is your choice that you can go with the lock depending upon your requirements.

Need a professional locksmith?

If you find your home vulnerable due to door quality lock and key, and therefore looking for locksmith help, call Flat Rate Locksmith on 678-686-7426. They will help you get another key for your home and replace the lock if needed.

Whenever stuck in such a situation where you feel helpless, don’t give a second thought before calling Flat Rate locksmiths. We install premium high-tech security locks at a reasonable price that help you avoid all kinds of thefts. You have to call us at 678-686-7426 and know more about pricing, discounts, and offers.

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