Keyless Door Locks Pros and Cons

keyless door lock

The introduction of new technologies has helped us explore new, easy, and better ways to operate things.

For centuries we have been using conventional door locks, which are easy to use but certainly can be frustrating when it comes to security.

Keyless entry locks or digital door locks have been proven to be one such advancement that has potentially dropped the fear of an outsider cracking security at your unit. Moreover, you don't have to carry keys along all the time and fear losing them. 

What are keyless door locks?

Keyless entry locks are usually automated door locks that do not require a physical key. They are digital door locks usually embedded inside the door or the frame.

They consist of a digitalized control panel that enables the opening of the door and gives access to your unit. They might include a keypad with numbers, a fingerprint scanner, or simply an electronic card reader.

Types of digital home locks include:

  • Digital fingerprint scanner
  • Bluetooth operated door lock
  • Smart locks with keypad
  • Wireless remote control sensor
  • Digital card scanner
  • Facial recognition digital lock
  • Fob door lock

All of these keyless entry systems have possibly replaced traditional lock systems. Hence, it helped us gain access to a level-up security system.

What are the advantages of using a keyless entry system?

Better advancements in technology have brought up better security systems. One such includes a keyless door lock system. Now, you don't have to carry weights in your pocket since keyless doors do not require a heavy traditional key. Here are some advantages of keyless entry lock systems that are worth noting:

  1. The keyless lock ensures home security as you don't have to worry about trespassers cracking into your unit. It's extensively demanding to break keyless vaults, unlike traditional metal locks that could break by simply hitting with great force.
  2. You could simply track relatives or a family member that check-in once you've left your place. A unique feature in the keyless door system allows you to assign different codes to different users that concurrently visit your unit even in your absence.
  3. For keyless locks demanding a code to unlock, you have to remember a code that you can set manually instead of carrying keys in your bag. However, with fingerprint scanners, you don't need either of them.

How is a keyless entry system different from traditional locks and keys?

Traditional locks or regular deadbolt systems are the most common over past decades, but they are not the safest. They work by a simple key and lock function supported by a bolt or a latch that holds them into place. As soon as you rotate the key, a series of small pins move together to unlock the entire system.

On the other hand, the advanced keyless entry system consists of a robust motor system embedded into a strong supporting unit attached to the door. It works on a principle of impulse generation by the user through small codes on the panel. If you have a habit of constantly losing house keys, keyless systems might help to make your life easier.

Pros of keyless locks

1. Convenient to use

The keyless entry system is super convenient to use as all you need is just an access code to remember, or your fingerprint will do the work for you. You don't have to worry about carrying keys or keeping a spare key under the doormat every time you leave for the supermarket.

2. Access through Bluetooth technology

A normal Bluetooth function in your phone could be used to unlock your front door digital lock. All you need is to pair your device with the lock. Once you complete the step, the lock will respond only to your device.

3. Access to smart features

With smart locks, you can get access to an app to assign different codes to many users assuring a high-security rate. Many models have been introduced in the market that enables your lock to connect with your home WiFi network and several other devices, making it respond to your smartphone.

4. No need to carry traditional keys

It's a fuss to carry traditional keys. However, the keyless system can be unlocked with a single click on your smartphone or a simple code. Traditional deadbolts and locks have now been replaced with fuss-free keyless door systems.

5. Easier access to code

It's easy to open doors by accessing a secure code that you can manually adjust according to your convenience. It should not be complex to forget and not easy enough to allow every outsider's access.

Cons of keyless locks

1. Complex to install

Unlike traditional lock systems, the user cannot install keyless lock systems, and you need professional help to install one at your place. Although, now keyless entry systems can be self-installed by following the steps on the manual.

2. Fear of locks being hacked

Since every technology isn't secure enough and can be hacked, smart locks follow up. So, you'll need to be cautious while setting your code.

3. Electricity failure

In case of a power outage, you won't be able to access the smart lock, unless an additional backup power source is attached to it. However, the backup power support is operational for a short duration and could lead you to a problem.

4. Extravagant installation costs

A single installation can cost you up to 150 or 200 bucks which is certainly eight times more expensive than just getting a new lock from the market.


How easy is it to hack a keyless lock?

It's not easy to hack a keyless entry system unless a professional hacker keeps an eye on your place.

How effective is a keyless locking system?

Keyless locks are as effective as a high-tech security system. You can easily open the lock using your smartphone or scanning your fingerprint.

What happens in case of a power failure?

A backup power system comes with digital locks for power failures on rainy days. However, the backup system outage could drive you in grave danger.

When do you need to install a new keyless lock security system?

Many keyless systems come with a good five to ten years battery life. After that, you might have to switch it depending upon your convenience.


Both the pros and cons exist for the advanced keyless system. You don't have to worry about forgetting your keys or ending up getting locked outside.

The pros outweigh the cons of keyless systems for sure. Hence, investing in one is a great choice.

Now that you know the pros and cons of keyless door locks, it's time to make a decision. If you're convinced that a keyless system is right for you, call Flat Rate Locksmith at 678-686-7426. We are the top locksmith in Atlanta, GA. We provide our keyless entry systems for residential and commercial everywhere around the city!