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Have you lost your keys? Is your door, safe, or car key lost? A car key stuck inside? These are frequent challenges that everyone faces at least once in their lifetime. To help you overcome these issues like office, automotive, or house lockout, we’d like to introduce you to the Flat Rate Locksmith in Canton, GA.

Our experienced locksmiths provide the best professional locksmith services available. We provide emergency locksmith services to your home or business at any time of day or night to get you out of the lock nightmares. We are here 24/7 to assist you in overcoming the inconveniences.

We are offering better than most Canton locksmiths. Enjoy the best locksmith service available in Canton, GA, that provides excellent customer service at reasonable prices. For service, call 678-686-7426.

Best Locksmith Company In Canton, GA

Losing keys to safes, houses, offices, or cars is the most common problem faced by almost every person. Flat Rate Locksmith, as a locksmith company, offers safety, security, fast response, quality work, friendly service, 24/7 availability, lock installation, lock replacement, new keys, great communication with clients, spare keys, master keys, ensuring long-term performance, emergency unlocking, modern locking technology, biometrics, new key fob, fixing key issues, transponder keys, customer care, and many other services at a great price. We guarantee excellent service at the most reasonable price in Canton, GA.

24/7 Emergency Locksmith Service

Lockout of any sort can happen without notifying. It’s a very unexpected problem that can occur at any period of the year, including holidays. We can understand the issues of locking yourself in or out of your houses, cars, etc.

We are offering 24/7, all-day, everyday locksmith services for your convenience. So, whenever you face problems like locking yourself in or out, losing your keys, faulty locks, or any kind of lock-related problems, call us. We are ever-ready to help.

Why Flat Rate Locksmith Company?


As a locksmith, our primary concern is safety. We promise more security than the majority of Canton locksmiths. For our safe and secure area of work, we have a solid reputation and client satisfaction.

We respect your privacy. As a result, we keep a record of every locksmith and their last working address to protect the safety of all of our customers.


We have locksmiths who have several years of experience in the locksmith industry. Our locksmith professionals have been trained to provide the best customer service 24/7. They are strictly instructed to deliver services in a timely manner.

The professional locksmiths in the Flat Rate Locksmith Company have been instructed for many years, and they have sufficient knowledge and competence regarding various locks and situations.


We only deploy employees with licenses to create a bond with our customers. A bond of trust and reliability.

Affordable Pricing

We provide office as well as residential locksmith services at a fair price. We guarantee professional locksmith service at the most reasonable price throughout the whole of Canton, GA. We offer better service at the most affordable pricing available in Canton, GA.

We are providing the services provided by our company down below. Be sure to check them carefully to match your criteria.

Our Locksmith Services

The Flat Rate Locksmith allows your excellent service in any situation at any period of the day at fair prices throughout Canton, GA. We have several criteria by which we provide locksmith services in residents, offices, and automotive lockouts.

Our locksmith services help you eliminate the lockout problems by arriving at the scene within 30 minutes of your service calls. We are enclosing the services we provide down below.

Car Key Locksmith Services

We know that car locks are unlike traditional locks as they are built to prevent car theft and robbery. A car lockout can be a great hassle to you, especially when you are leaving for school, a meeting, or other important social events.

We, Flat Rate Locksmith Company have got you covered in terms of automotive locksmith services. We guarantee you the best possible locksmith service experience in Canton, GA, for your car lockout problems.

  • Lock replacement.
  • Car key duplication and repair.
  • We extract the stuck or broken key.
  • Construction of spare key.
  • New fob installation.
  • We fully rekey the locks.
  • Duplication of car keys.
  • We replace car keys.
  • We make spare keys for the doors.
  • Using modern technologies like cutting keys with the help of laser and programming of transponder keys.
  • Repairing of ignition and trunk locks.

Residential Locksmith Services

We consider the safety of your home as our topmost priority. That’s why we are offering the safest locksmith service in Canton, GA, with a wide variety of options and installments.

Our skilled locksmiths can deal with any problems, including the installation of new locks, repairing, replacing, modifying, alternating, etc. The residential services we provide are given down below:

  • We provide solutions to every house lockout service.
  • We install high-security locks.
  • We extract broken or stuck keys.
  • We create new keys.
  • We also install Kwikset Locks and Schlage locks.
  • Our team helps you with intelligent choices in locks.
  • We open the front door for home lockout.
  • Good lock service.
  • Door lock repair.
  • We rekey your locks to alter the mechanism.
  • Smart lock installation.
  • We create a fully functional secure locking system.
  • Home lock rekey services.
  • We create a master key system.
  • Security home automation system.
  • Make the same key for each door or drawer in your home.
  • Lock change in case of faulty locks.
  • Emergency single key.

Commercial Locksmith Services

The most crucial consideration for any business owner is security. Before launching any firm, it is critical to assure the organization’s safety. We understand the importance of a company’s safety and security. As a result, we provide the best locksmith service in Canton, GA, to assist you in securing your business.

We are here to assist you at any time of day or night, from installation to removal of the locking mechanism. We’ve included a list of our services below. Make certain to thoroughly inspect them:

  • We replace security locks.
  • We install access control systems.
  • We install electronic locks.
  • Make sure that the locks work perfectly.
  • Installation of padlocks and biometrics.
  • Security key duplication.
  • We repair existing locks.
  • Master key installation.
  • We install and repair high-security locks.
  • We provide emergency locksmith services for immediate fixation of any lockout.
  • We mount cameras and other modern security measures.
  • We install sensors for detecting unauthorized personnel.
  • Commercial rekey services.
  • Fixing existing hardware.

We Provide Great Customer Service in Canton, GA

We promise to help you anytime and anywhere in Canton. Flat Rate Locksmith is a company that is focused on maximum customer satisfaction at the most reasonable price. Many companies offer locksmith services at a very high price. We are not one of those companies.

We are mainly focused on customer care. Customer satisfaction is our topmost priority. We judge our company based on the bad reviews as they are so few. We offer the finest and most friendly service possible for you at any time of the day. We realize that the lockout can happen at any time of the day, so we are available 24/7.

We know how to take care of our customers and listen to their problems. We have an emergency locksmith service that deals with emergencies in any residential, official, or automotive locksmith service.

We guarantee licensed and skilled locksmiths who know what they are doing. We are equipped with state-of-the-art modern technologies to deal with any kind of situation.

In Canton, GA, We can guarantee that we are a top-rated locksmith in Canton, GA. The pricing of our services is affordable. We don’t have any hidden charges. If you are looking for the best locksmith in Canton, make sure to call us today at 678-686-7426.

Our Branches

Not living inside Canton, GA? We got you covered. We have branches in other regions. We also have branches in-

  • Metro Atlanta
  • Cherokee County
  • Holly Springs
  • Berkeley Lake
  • Hickory Flat
  • Atlanta Locksmith

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