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smart lock

Even with the slightest downfall in the economy, the risk of theft has increased. Perhaps, the need to tighten up your security increases.

But is it possible with you lock fashioned not such secure locks?

With upgraded technology, we have leveled up our security systems as well. Smart locks were introduced to ensure security and amplify the comfort level. However, there are still lot many questions in your mind. Let us look at some of the common questions and benefits of smart home security systems that we usually come across:

Are the bottom line smart locks safe than traditional locks?

The most asked question about smart locks is whether it is a worthy investment or not? Also, we look further if smart locks offer an outstanding advantage over traditional locks.

Smart locks are comparatively more expensive than old locks and keys. However, the old locks cannot match smart locks’ comfort and handiness. The security assurance by smart locks is much greater than that of a traditional lock system.

In contrast, smart locks are more pricey than old ones. There are some significant points behind that as we upgrade from the base model to another level, we see that the newer locks comprise added features resulting in higher cost.

Some basic features that are worth noting consist of:

  • Establishing wifi connectivity between the lock and the router.
  • Addition of batteries to supply power to the entire lock mechanism.
  • Connectivity with other devices through Bluetooth connection.
  • Accessibility by using smart devices like cell phones and laptops.

The price may seem high when purchasing smart locks for your home, and it may seem unreasonable, but it’s worth spending since you get many features and not just a simple, smart lock.

Another disadvantage is that the cost to repair the smart locks is much higher than traditional deadbolts. That’s because of the complexity that we observe we smart locks. However, that’s also worth spending.

Top 6 Benefits of smart locks:

Here we have highlighted the top 6 advantages of the smart locks that are enough to make your investment worthy:

1. Convenient than a traditional lock

The primary reason why people are more inclined towards smart lock is the level of comfort and convenience it offers. Several features installed in the smart lock make your experience exceptional. One such feature is access control. With the help of the access control feature, the smart door lock and be controlled remotely.

The best smart lock comes with a feature of voice control, due to which the lock can follow the commands addressed by the owner. The basic requirement is to stand in the range where connectivity is possible.

Remote access in smart locks is possible by good wifi connectivity but ensure installing a router in your home or workplace. Soon after fulfilling basic requirements, you can get started with the smart lock feature.

Another plus point of smart lock over the traditional lock is that it notifies you in emergencies or when someone tries to crack in your unit. Therefore, you can calmly work at your office while the smart lock takes care of your home.

2. Perks over old fashioned locks

Many smart locks available in the market come with a sleek and slim look which is a plus point over dull traditional locks. The conventional locks are comparatively bulky and heavy and do not work well in security.

Although the structure of both smart and old locks is comparatively similar to the user experience, the smart locks take the lead.

Therefore, if you are somewhat fond of technology, this decision is for you. Smart home locks are the perfect choice for people obsessed with style and technology.

3. Track people entering in your absence

Whenever you are out in the supermarket, your friend suddenly calls you. He’s standing at your doorstep. But, will you make him wait for hours till you reach home?

Probably you do not need to do that. You can give him some additional pin codes by which he can access your door and enter inside your house. The pin is changeable; therefore, you can change it soon after he leaves.

As far as security is concerned, you’ll be able to track whether your friend entered your home or not on your phone screen. Many smart locks come with additional camera features with the help of which you can watch every activity happening at your place.

Many companies like august smart lock offer this remote access feature. Moreover, you need not hide a spare key under your doormat if you have a smart lock security system installed at your home.

4. Smart home technology

Are you still relying on your worn-out traditional lock? If yes, you genuinely need to upgrade it to digital keypad locks. Most smart locks are open by a safety PIN exclusive to the owner.

Some of the smart locks come with connecting with phone apps. That means you no more have to carry the old keys every time you go outside.

Moreover, lost keys can make your household vulnerable to thieves as they can get in the hands of the wrong people. Old keys can be copied or duplicated very easily. At the same time, there is no option to copy a fob key or card, which enables you to open the smart lock.

The feature by which you can access the keys using a phone eliminates the usage of traditional keys.

5. Unlimited access

Smart locks provide an innovative feature with the help of which only you decide who will enter your place. It allows you to assign a different PIN to different users. Therefore, you get notified whenever a particular individual enters your unit.

This feature ensures amplification of security up to several folds. For ease, you can give a different Pin to your friends and family members depending upon their engagement in your home. If you do not want to stay in your house for long, you can make the settings that way.

6. Connectivity with other devices

Smart locks and digital keys enable you to connect with other smart devices. They include a cell phone, a smartwatch, wifi, or simply a computer.

This enables you to access the lock even from remote places. Such a feature adds to the comfort level and benefits being offered by a smart lock. You need to pair your smart lock with your device, and you’re ready to go.


Can I access the smart lock without a key?

Yes, you can. Smart technology enables you to open the lock using a fob key, a digital cord, or simply by entering a PIN code in the keypad attached to the smart lock.

Moreover, you can also open the lock using your cell phone with the help of some unique apps.

How safe are the smart locks?

It is necessary that you install small locks correctly. When done right, these locks provide as much security as the traditional locks. They can even provide more security when used in the combo of fingerprints and passcodes.

How do smart locks work?

Smart locks work without any physical key. So, in these locks, you can add a passcode and if it matches the passcode stored in the lock, access is granted. Similarly, if you use the fingerprint sensors, the person’s fingerprint must match with the stored print to unlock the door.

The bottom line

Do you also want to enjoy the benefits of having a smart lock at your home?

The answer might be a yes. Always look for a reliable locksmith that offers locksmith services at an affordable cost. Flat Rate locksmith might be of great help, and they provide quality services at an unbeatable price.

Do you wish to install a brand new smart lock at your home or commercial unit?

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