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locked safe

There can be several reasons behind the opening of the safe. However, you eventually need to figure out the right way to open the safe successfully. Several things are there that you might need to get about the safes that you have at your homes or workplaces.

Before you think of relying on a professional locksmith to fix your lock-related problem, you first need to try these hacks or tricks that you can do manually without any professional aid.

Several ways to open a safe include:

  • Bounce your safe
  • You need to maneuver
  • Lock override key
  • Push it to open

Before you get into fixing the safe lock, you first need to take some time to figure out the type of safe

What type of safe do you have?

To fix your safe, you first need to determine your safe type. It is pretty essential to decide on the brand of your safe. You can figure out your safe by searching your safe in the safes’ listed by the brand.

Identifying the brand is not that complex. You need to see the brand logo, which will make you figure out the brand name. Other ways to find the brand of your safe include searching for relevant information about your lock. It mainly provides purchase information and dealer information.

Way to open up your safe:

Bouncing your safe

In case you bought yourself a safe from a company that is somewhat lesser reliable or in case you had spent lesser money on the safe and eventually compromised the quality of the product. You might be able to bounce the system.

The way to crack inside is quite basic; however, you can try bouncing the security system if you cannot do it.

To bounce it:

  • Hit the top side of the vault and turn the handle in the unlock direction simultaneously.
  • Try repeating the same procedure till it opens without any trouble.

The process mimics a bump key. The lock’s inside is temporarily prepared to open the vault safely, and the bolt bounces suddenly due to the force being applied.

To ensure safe bounding, you need to note a few points:

  • The process will only work if you have a lesser expensive and low-quality vault.
  • While striking the safe, make sure that you do not put enough force to dent its entire structure.
  • Although this method might not destroy your safe, it is noteworthy that repeatedly following the process might damage the internal mechanism.

Maneuver the lock

If you are fond of movies, you might be familiar with this way to crack the safe. You might have seen that many people come and use a small pin, turn it in the unlock directly and open it by spinning the lock without many tools.

However, it would be best if you had more practice and patience to do so. There might be chances that you may fail a lot of times, but this method works most of the time.

It is noteworthy that some locks, mainly the older ones, can be maneuvered without actually causing any harm to the body. However, if you have a touch screen safe at your home, the trick would certainly fail.

In case you are about to try manipulating the safe, here is what you can keep in your head:

  • You need to note that the digital or touch screen locks would probably not open with the manual maneuver.
  • You might drill some spaces in the safe to deploy a safe and easy lock opening.
  • After drilling, you might patch or repair the same spaces successfully.

Override key

There are some overrides installed in locks and safes. If you are using a safe with an override process, you may try this trick.

Such safes and locks are majorly available in hotels and motels so that the hotel owner can get access to the safe after a customer forgets to leave it unlocked.

There is some override code that will help you reset the entire lock. To unlock the door using the override, you might try dialing a series of zeros which will do your work.

You might face a problem if your override key is changed.

In addition, locks and safes come with a switch that can be easily flipped to reset the lock; you need to find it. However, you might not do the entire procedure with the help of basic professional tools.

Things you should note before trying the steps include:

  • Electronic keypads may have some reset keys.
  • The staff can also reset your safe since you leave your hotel room.

Push it to open

Since you have tried most ways to unlock the safe, now it is time to try the only way out. Trying to open the safe forcefully is not recommended unless you have an emergency. Before you try this method, you need to know that you won’t be able to use your safe after this.

Your safe is probably made of one of the most robust materials. Therefore, you cannot open it without using the majority of tools.

However, you might also get hurt if you use the tools without caution.

Things you need to keep in mind:

  • Do not try this without professional help.
  • The safe you’re destroying cannot be used further.

Frequently asked questions

Why am I locked out of a safe?

The safe is not opening, but what is the reason behind that?

A professional knows your locks more and will figure it out quickly. However, the possible reasons could be:

  • Malfunctioning of safe’s combination lock. Or accidentally changed the safe combination dial and forgot the correct combination series.
  • A broken key or broken internal components.
  • A jammed locking mechanism.

What to do if my safe has exhausted its batteries?

In case you locked safe because it has exhausted its batteries. An electronic lock comes with batteries, and the security feature in these locks works with batteries. To access your key lock, you need to change the batteries.

Your lock might have a detachable battery column that will enable you to change batteries. You can pick the right battery by looking at the serial number.

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