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tricks to try when your remote stops working

Are you frustrated with your car remote? Is your remote start not working? This is one of the most frustrating problems you ever encounter with your car, especially in times of emergency. This has become a widespread issue for car owners. There can be numerous reasons responsible for this inconvenience.

Whatever the reasons, the remote starter not working is one of the most irritating problems you will ever encounter in your life. If you are one of those individuals who have just experienced that your remote car starter is not working, don’t worry.

This article will give a complete insight into seven handy tricks you can try when your remote start is not working. Please have patience and stay with us till the end of this article.

Reasons Why Your Remote Car Starter Is Not Working

A key fob

Before solving your remote starters, you need to know why the remote start is not working. There are many remote starter systems available today. Every one of them is manufactured and designed differently.

Despite the dissimilarities, there are some common problems we often notice when dealing with a car starter. It can be-

  • A dead battery
  • Improper starting procedure
  • Too many remote starter attempts
  • Too much oil pressure and coolant temperature
  • A key stuck inside the car
  • Failed hood pin switch
  • And many more

Whatever the reason may be, it is always a good practice to know some tips and tricks that might be able to enable your remote starter controller. We enclose some of the best and most convenient methods if your remote start doesn’t work. Before you hire a locksmith service, you can try these little things that can solve your problem for the time being and get you out of desperate situations.

Tricks You Should Try When You Can’t Use Your Remote Car Starter-

Like we have said earlier, you can take a simple diagnosis before hiring a professional locksmith service. You can save a lot of money by diagnosing your remote start system.

But we recommend you follow these tricks only when you feel comfortable and confident about checking. You don’t want to damage some fragile components in your car while trying to fix your remote starters.

If your remote start is not working correctly, you can use these methods to make your remote start working.

Improper Use Of Remote Control

Nowadays, almost every car is remotely started. The lock button is also remote-controlled. Different brands have different mechanisms to lock and unlock door locks and the engine. There are remote starter switches that don’t even require pressing keys.

Some remote start function is done by double pressing, while others are single pressing. The problem can be with the method you try using the remote start button. Maybe it functions when you press unlock button twice. Some work in a single stroke but start fine after a few seconds.

Or maybe it requires both pressing and holding to function correctly. This is the first method you can try because silly mistakes are part of our lives too. We can always make incorrect methods with our key fobs. Please make sure you have been using the keyless entry function properly. You can also look at the owner’s manual if you want. It will be somewhat surprising and easy to fix for you.

Check Your Key Fob Battery

a man changing the key fob battery

Most key fob runs on lithium-ion batteries. Even Lithium-ion batteries have a specific battery capacity until it completely dies out. This is the most common issue with the car remote starter switch. These batteries can be weakened by losing power eventually. Every battery dies after prolonged usage.

If your remote starter switch is not working correctly, the best possible reason behind it can be the battery. Replace your crucial fob batteries to check whether the key is working correctly or not. Sometimes, the batteries are also out of alignment.

Align your batteries perfectly to make your remote car starters work correctly. If the problem with your remote starter is strict with the batteries, this method can fix your remote starter switch.

Hood Pin Switch

hood pins

Hood pin switches are installed under your vehicle’s hood to prevent the engine from starting up. Your car’s safety feature prevents the vehicle from starting up when servicing inside your hood.

Also, it prevents the hood from spreading over your windshield while driving. This safety feature requires some switches and sensors to operate. Extreme heating or prolonged exposure to heat can lead to the malfunction of these switches and sensors.

Check inside your hood, and see a sensor or switch attached to it. This can happen if you have recently serviced your vehicle and the mechanic forgot to reattach it. You should see a wire dangling from the hood. Connect it again to make your actual starter function properly if you find it disconnected.

Your Remote Starter Is In Valet Mode

a valet mode interface

Some of you might not be acquainted with the valet mode of your vehicles. Valet mode is a safety feature provided by the car manufacturing company that temporarily disables the remote starter. This feature keeps the door locks intact, temporarily disabling the key fob. But the question is, how can you detect your remote start is in valet mode?

The best way to check whether your remote starter is in valet mode is to check whether the vehicle’s parking lights flash. If the parking lights don’t flash when you press the unlock button on your key fob, but the doors lock and unlock just fine, you can be sure that your key fob is in valet mode.

The convenient thing about the valet mode is that it allows you to lock and unlock the door’s lock with a remote. If you are in valet mode, don’t be panicked. First, enter your vehicle’s key into the ignition lock. Do not start the engine just now.

Check engine light. After that, press and release the lock and the trunk together. Finally, remove the key from the car and use the key fob to see whether your car starts fine or not. If your remote start feature works properly, you successfully exit the valet mode.

Lost Programming

Indeed there are some computer programs with a certain level of encryptions in a remote starter system. Almost every modern vehicle is controlled by computer programming.

There is a programmed module that can transmit signals to your key fob. In rare anomalies, your car’s data module can lose the programs, leading to the remote start not working.

In such cases, you should hire professional locksmiths to do the job. And suppose you have a particular skill set in programming. In that case, you can factory reset the system quickly to return to the stock settings. You can also seek help from your nearest mobile electronics stores to get your remote started.

Turn Off Your Hazard Lights

Turn off your hazard lights

Hazard lights indicate to the people and drivers around you that you need help or that something is wrong with your vehicle. If your hazard lights are turned on, your remote start might not work.

Most stock remote start won’t work if you turn your hazard lights on. However, the aftermarket remote start system can still work with the hazard lights turned on.

Turn your hazard lights off to make the remote start working correctly. The fob itself can turn hazard lights off. If the car remotely starts, locks, and unlocks after you have turned off the hazard lights, you are good to go.

Get A Replacement Remote

Replacing your remote might be the most obvious one on the list. This is your ultimate solution when you have tried out all the remote start attempts. Contact your local dealer and tell them that your remote starter stopped working.

For instance, if you bought your car from the Ford dealership, you should go to them instead of purchasing aftermarket remote control systems.

Replacing your keys can be a pretty time-consuming and costly process. This process can take about a month. We strongly recommend you follow the above seven methods when your remote start won’t work. However, you can opt for a replacement remote if none of the above methods work.

Final Words

In the above article, we have tried to provide the seven best tricks we found logical and valuable that can provide a solution to your remote start not working. You can follow these methods when you find your car remote has stopped working.

However, it would be best to take safety precautions before trying to fix the car remote start yourself. If the same problem arises after some period, you should hire a professional locksmith service provider to do the job.

Especially for expensive vehicles, you should never mingle with the components if you don’t know what you are doing. Lastly, if you have been reading our article until now, we thank you for your patience.

Speaking of professional locksmith services, You can hire Flat Rate Locksmith Services for safe, reliable, licensed, responsive, and experienced locksmith services. We provide all-out locksmith services in all the states of the U.S. Call Us Now At 678-686-7426 for automotive, commercial, and residential locksmith services.

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