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I want to thank the team of Flat Rate Locksmith for helping me to replace my car keys. I was desperate and no other locksmith in Atlanta could help me. But the team of Flat Rate Locksmith came to the rescue, replacing my car keys at a very reasonable price. The service was excellent!
Carolyn Williams
5 / 5
I was very impressed with Flat Rate Locksmith. I called them on a Sunday afternoon After I lockout myself out of my house, and they were able to make it out to my home within 30 minutes! The technician was extremely professional and polite and had all the tools necessary to fix my problem. It didn't take him too long to figure everything out, and he was able to get my door unlocked. I would absolutely recommend this company.
Joanne Golden
5 / 5
We had a file cabinet that we wanted to secure, so we hired Flat Rate Locksmith for the job. They came on time and did a great job. The work was speedy and professional, and they even followed up with us after finishing the job.
Alicia Taylor
5 / 5
I am extremely pleased with the customer service of Flat Rate Locksmith. I was desperate when my car keys were stuck in the ignition, and after much research about the automotive locksmith services, I called the company. Their technicians were very professional when they arrived on-site and even gave me advice on how to prevent my car from having a similar problem again. They are not only cheaper than other companies but also provide reliable service, which is extremely rare.
Natasha Winston
5 / 5
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