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A locksmith unlocking a door lock

What can be more frustrating than locking the car by leaving the keys inside it? I guess no one will find such a situation fascinating. The most crucial thing to do in such cases is to take the proper steps. Here one wrong step can make your life more miserable. So, locked my keys in my car, who do I call is the first question that will come to your mind during such incidents.

Maximum car owners are unaware of the help they might get when they encounter such a situation. Starting from locksmith, dealership, and roadside assistance, one can also call the police for help. However, the most hassle-free step is to call a family member for a spare key. The spare car keys will save both your money and time by eliminating the problem without a professional’s help.

The first thing to keep while your lock your keys in the car are to handle the situation by staying calm. The situation will get worse if you panic. If you are in a safe place and have enough time on your hand, try to fix the issue by yourself. However, it is always safe to take professional advice in such situations.

Steps To Follow When Car Keys Get Locked Inside A Car

There are some tricks that you can follow to unlock your car. Calling a locksmith service will undoubtedly help, but before you contact someone for help, you can try some techniques to solve the problem.

Inspect All The Car Doors

It is wise to stay calm in a situation where you leave your keys inside a locked car. That key ring might include your house keys, including the car keys. Without that key, it might be impossible to unlock your house even. Do not panic and think about what you can do instead of calling roadside assistance or a locksmith.

You can check all your car’s door locks to determine whether you have kept any doors unlocked. Sometimes your car doors might have a faulty lock which can help in such a situation. You can gain access to your car through an unlocked faulty lock door.

Check All The Windows

Another thing you can try is to check all your car windows. Sometimes, we leave our car windows open so air can travel through. If you find an open window, you can push the unlock button of your car door frame with tools like a stick or a wire hanger.

Whom Should I Call If My Car Door Gets Locked

Many people try to unlock the car door lock without help from a locksmith. This step might fall them into more trouble as they are not an expert at unlocking locked keys and can deteriorate the situation. Instead, it is best to call for a professional to help. Here is a list of the people one can call if they leave keys in the car.

Call A Family Member Or A Friend

Before you call 911 with your cell phone for help, it is best to look for the easiest method to follow to solve the problem. If there is a spare or duplicate key, you can save the cost of professional services. So, if you have a spare key, you can call your family or friend and ask them to bring the key to you.

Never call a friend who would suggest you break into a car with slim jims. This tool can cause severe damage to modern vehicles.

Call Your Nearest Roadside Assistance

A car locksmith might take some time to arrive at your location, so it is best to call emergency roadside assistance for your locked car. Also, roadside assistance should be your first choice rather than calling a locksmith if you are looking for a cheaper service. Because your car company offers a free service, always save their number so you can call them for emergency cases.

The roadside assistance has professional tools to unlock the doors of a car. If you do not have the number of roadside assistance, then you can call a tow truck to solve the problem. Sometimes the tow truck company you will call might not offer services in your area. If this happens, ask them to give you the number of another tow truck company that can help you.

Call Dealership Of Your Car

Sometimes the dealership offers roadside assistance on your warranty card. If this is the case, you can call your dealership to arrange a locksmith. This warranty remains only for a limited period, so it is better to check the expiry date before your call your dealer for help.

If you do not have the warranty expiry date, then do not worry cause a dealership can help you in other ways. Through remote access, the dealership can help you to unlock the vehicle through the verification pin of your vehicle.

Contact A Locksmith Company

A locksmith unlocking a door lock

A locksmith company often provides automotive repair services and commercial and residential locksmith services. Calling a nearby locksmith will help as they will take less than 15 minutes to arrive. A locksmith comes in great help if you use transponder keys for your car. There is no better alternative than a locksmith to replace a transponder key.

A locksmith will bring out the keys locked inside your car within the minimum possible time. The cost of a locksmith service will depend on the services that you will take. The lockout service for an older car will cost you less as it has fewer features like key cutting. On the other hand, it will cost you more than usual if you want to replace your transponder key.

Call Police For Help

You might think about how police unlock a locked car. We have added this option to the list because of your safety. If you see that the area where you are stuck is unsafe, do not hesitate to call the police. Calling the police should be your last resort, as unlocking a car’s locked keys is not their job. Their job is to help you whenever there is a life-threatening situation.

Locked My Keys In My Car Who Do I Call: Top 5 Persons To Call For Help

Handy Tools That Can Unlock Your Car

Sometimes there might be a situation where you do not have the time to wait for a professional to come and help you. In such cases, you can use tools like a coat hanger, bobby pin, wedge, or slip knot to unlock your car.


What number do you call when you lock your keys in your car?

Suppose you leave your keys in the car and accidentally lock the car; then, for an emergency, call 911. It is the safest platform where you can get the quickest service if you are in danger. So, if you need any emergency help, do not hesitate to call 911.

Can you pick a car door lock?

If you leave your keys in the car, you can pick a car door lock by following some tricks. You will need some skill to execute these tricks as they are tricky to follow. With the help of a bobby pin, you can easily pick the door lock of a car.


It is never a pleasant experience if your car keys get locked inside your car. People often get confused about whom to call and start panicking in such cases. Instead of panicking, one needs to take their cell phone and call 911 for emergency services. You can also use roadside assistance or locksmith service for your locked car key solution.

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