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We are familiar with key locks getting blocked in winter. But it’s the worst when you are outside freezing in the cold, and the door won’t open.

We can enlist several reasons which can be the culprit behind such situations. Key locks comprise small metal units that function together and enable us to lock the door. The right key fits in the lock to open it. Any material acting to be a hurdle in the working of this mechanism can be responsible for a broken door lock.

What Are The Reasons Behind The Non-Functioning Of Keys?

When the key is unable to open the door lock, these are the possible reasons behind that: 

Broken key in the lock

Whenever you try to insert the old or new key into the lock, something would constantly stop the key from going into the lock. A potential reason behind that could be the broken key in the lock.

Remember not to try passing it with force inside because you might end up breaking another key inside as well. Try to insert a needle nose plier deliberately into the lock, which will support the broken key and get straight out of it.

If you are still unable to get it out, try inserting a straight metal plate carefully to get the broken piece of key out. Now you can use another key to open it.

Dirt or dust in the lock cylinder

Since many of us do not regularly clean our doors, small dirt or dust particles may accumulate in the lock’s cylinder. It might slightly uplift the position of the pins, making the door lock stuck.

To fix it, apply a dry lubricant on your key, which will make the passage easy through dirt and dust, and the partially raised position of the pins will come back to their place. The lubricant will enable lock pins to move and open the stiff door.

Frozen door lock

In cold weather, the door locks are likely to freeze. It is mainly because the ice is stuck in the lock and acts as a barrier to the way. To mend it, you need to hold the key with a tong carefully, heat it, and insert it into the lock. Repeat the process until the ice melts. 

Maybe, it’s just not the right key

Now, when you’re fed up with trying every possible action to open up the door lock, but the key won’t turn. Then, better to consider that it might not be the right key to the door lock. The common reasons could be:

  • Poorly cut or carved key
  • Worn-out pin chamber
  • Corroded pin of the cylinder

You should get yourself a new one if needed.

Key won’t turn the UPVC door lock

UPVC or multi-point door locks are the updated version or traditional lock mechanism. They assure high-tech security and are the safest. They aren’t just a single lock but a series of multiple locks that work together as a unit.

When the UPVC door is not working, either the barrel or the gearbox might have broken. It is also possible that the alignment of the locking unit has been disturbed.

What Possible Things Could You Do To Resolve It?

It’s frustrating when you are late home from work and stuck outside when the key is not working. Try to fix it yourself if possible.

It could be problematic in case of a worn-out pin or incorrect alignment of the latch bolt. If the doorknob is not opening, it might be that the deadbolt is not aligned correctly with the strike plate, and a locksmith can only resolve it.

If the key won’t turn the lock, you should try replacing the old key with a new one if possible, but if the problem is with the lock cylinder, you should contact a locksmith to get your cylinder replaced.

If the key is working but still doesn’t unlock the door, try to lubricate locks using grease or oil spray. Please do not put the key inside with force as you might break it. Apply dry lubricant in case of dust and dirt inside the doorknob. However, you might not be having the right tools to simple-fix it. In such a case, you should reach out to reputable locksmith services.

When Should You Reach For Professional Help?

When you try everything but the key won’t go all the way in, it’s time to call a locksmith. A locksmith will repair the lock or replace it if needed. In the case of a deadbolt, a locksmith will handle it more precisely.

The door won’t open even if the key is turning

The door will not open even if the key turns. There is a problem with the lock’s mechanism, and you cannot self-fix it. Therefore, we suggest you call a locksmith to fix your lock problems.

Key only goes inside partly

In the case of a corroded pin present in the lock, it is possible that the key won’t get in. If you face the same, there is a problem with the alignment of pins inside the lock.

Since you cannot fix it alone, we advise you to contact a locksmith instead. A locksmith will have all the advanced equipment required to fix the lock. Moreover, you can ask him to replace it with a new lock if needed.

Non-functioning key even after replacement

If you just got new keys for your door lock, the lock’s alignment probably does not match your keys. It is possible when they are poorly cut. Therefore, you cannot fix it alone. It’s best to phone call a professional locksmith, and he’ll not only carve a new key for you but replace the lock if needed.


It’s good to look for the best locksmith services around you when the key won’t go into the lock. You can try fixing it yourself by using your personal tool kit or applying a lubricant. But if it’s still not working, it’s best to call the most reliable locksmith service nearby.

A locksmith can tackle almost every lock impairment, especially in the case of digital locks. He’ll not only repair the old lock but potentially restain any further lock problems in the future. Therefore, it is best to contact a locksmith for complicated lock-related problems.

Where To Search For A Professional?

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