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a file cabinet with documents inside

A filing cabinet is the best place to keep all your important papers, whether you work from home or at your office. The lock keeps others from looking at your papers, but you’re in big trouble if you lose the desk keys.

It will surely mess up your work day if you can’t find the file cabinet key. Suppose you need a file but can’t get to it because you’ve lost the key to your file cabinet. Most file cabinets have security features that make it hard to get in without the key.

Top manufacturers use safety features to ensure privacy. This means that the file cabinet needs a new key to open. The first thing that will cross your mind in such a needing situation is how to replace a file cabinet key.

It’s easy to replace a lost file cabinet key, whether you have a vertical or lateral cabinet. Most of the time, reaching out to the cabinet manufacturer company can fix your problem. However, it may take some time. It does not make sense to wait weeks for a new key. Rather, call a professional locksmith.

a file cabinet with key attached

How To Replace Lost File Cabinet Key

Keeping sensitive items safe and secure is easy if you have a safe drawer in your desk or cabinet. Most file cabinets and office tables have lock cores to keep people from getting in. But what if you can’t find your cabinet key?

You will have a harder time going about your daily life at work or home. There were safety features built into these cabinets so that no one from the outside could open the door. In this case, you shouldn’t worry about losing a key because a lost file cabinet key is easy to replace.

In this case, the best thing to do would be to write down the model number, brand, style, and a serial number of the cubicle keys on the file cabinet’s drawers. Once you’re done taking the notes, the next step is to call a good locksmith like Keychain Locksmith.

To Replace A Lost Filing Cabinet Key, Hire A Locksmith.

You could start by taking a few easy steps to solve the problem. Firstly, to open the file cabinet, it would be best to turn it upside down since most of them work by gravity. Calling a professional locksmith is the second, most effective option. You will still have to do some things, though.

Things You Need While Restoring Your File Cabinet Keys

Before you can replace a file cabinet key, you need to have a few things. You don’t have to worry because it’s easy to get these things. Some of these might be in your own house. If you don’t already have them, you can buy them at the store closest to you. If you want to change the lock, you’ll need a pen, paper, the information about the current cabinet lock, and the information about the new cabinet lock.

What File Cabinet Information Do You Need?

Write down the specifics of your cabinet lock. Before the locksmith can make you a new key for a lost file cabinet, you must give them information about the file cabinet. They’ll need your file cabinet’s serial number, model number, brand name, and style. The manual for the file cabinet is helpful because it has all the information you need. If you don’t have the manual, you can look for the information on the file cabinet itself.

a file cabinet with documents inside

Check every nook and cranny of the filing cabinet. If you can’t find the information about the file cabinet there, ask the store where you bought it. They might be able to give you some of the information you need. Even if yours is a digital file cabinet with a lock code, you’ll find the details embedded or stickered in the cabinet.

Pen And Paper

You will need a pen and paper to write the information in the file cabinet. Make sure you do not lose the paper once you’ve jotted down all the information needed.


Do you need a different key for each filing cabinet?

No, the keys for each file cabinet are different. Most file cabinet locks come with keys that match and have key codes.

Can the key to a filing cabinet be changed?

Of course! You can change the keys to the filing cabinet.

How do I get new keys for my file cabinet?

If you’ve lost your keys, get the cabinet model, serial number, brand, style, and other information and contact the manufacturer. Or you can call a locksmith to make a new file cabinet key.

A Friendly Tip

If you can’t find new keys easily, call a lock key replacement company or locksmith for help. Sometimes you might find out that the manufacturer no longer delivers the cabinets or the locks, the item is out of stock, or you have a bespoke file cabinet and lock.

Give the store or locksmith your information to find out if they can make you a key or have the right replacement key. Ask the vendor or locksmith if they can make a key that fits the lock or pick the lock to get into files or other things that are locked up if they can’t deliver new keys or don’t have a key template.


You might feel like opening the filing cabinet on your own. This is not a good option. Don’t open the file cabinet unless you know how to close it again. As soon as you open the cabinet, the warranty will no longer be valid, and it will be very hard, if not impossible, to fix the damage. It would be better to call a locksmith so they can help you open your file cabinet.

Make Sure This Doesn’t Happen Again.

Make copies of your file cabinet keys and keep them safe so that this doesn’t happen again. You won’t have to break the cabinet if they go missing again. Give a spare key to someone you can trust.

How A Locksmith Can Help You With A File Cabinet Key Replacement

Dealing with a missing file cabinet key is not at all easy. It’s inconvenient and might get in the way of the day’s plans. So, if this happens to you during the day, you should call us at Flat Rate Locksmith so we can help. Give us a call at 678-686-7426. We’re open 24/7.


How to replace a lost file cabinet key? Replacing the keys of your filing cabinets with new ones is easy if you hire a reputable and skilled locksmith to do it for you. Doing this might keep your filing cabinet from breaking, and avoid buying a new one.

Write down your filing cabinet’s serial number, model number, brand, style, and other important information. Once you have the needed information, find a locksmith who can make a new key for the filing cabinet.

Professional locksmiths might give you a new filing cabinet key instead of telling you to do something drastic that could hurt your file cabinet. It would cost you less than buying a new filing cabinet. Don’t be afraid to tell them what they need to know. Whether it’s about a broken or lost key, do not try to replace it yourself.

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