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A hand is unlocking a lock box by turning a knob with numbers

The lock box is a security device that is popular among many people. Lock boxes are widely used to keep important documents and valuable belongings securely. You can keep cash or other precious things like jewelry and passports inside the lock box without worrying about unauthorized access.

Safes are also a popular choice to keep important things inside. However, lock boxes are different than safes. Lock boxes are made with steel, and the steel is around 12 gauge. This gives the lockbox high-security protection. The things you keep inside the lock box are safe from fire or other external damages. Lockboxes use a unique code to make their access secure. These lockboxes are known as combination lock boxes. Lockboxes also have wheel combination locks or keys to access the box. Things get frustrating when you try to open a lock box but lose the key or forget the combination patterns.

No one wants to be locked out of their lockbox for long. It’s frustrating and annoying simultaneously, especially if it is a cash box. Fortunately, there are some ways you can still regain access to the lock box without a key or code pattern.

What You Will Need To Regain Access To Your Lock Box

A closeup of some secured lock boxes

You will need to prepare some items before you start any process. These items will be used in various steps to unlock your lock box without a key or code. Finding these items is not that tough to find, so you do not have to worry much about this.

Lock Pick

At first, you will need to manage a lock picking kit. You can start with a beginner’s lock picking set, which is relatively cheap and has five types of lock picks in it.

You can also use a thin and stiff metal in place of a lock picking set. Pick sturdy thin pieces of metal and also remember the metal pieces need to fit in the lock gap.

Another alternative option is a paper clip. Make sure to straighten the paper clip by using pliers before you use it.

Pen And Paper

To get the correct combination of code, you might need to try it several times. By doing this repeatedly, there is a chance you miss the correct code that you got after several attempts. A pen and piece of paper can help you to write down the code numbers. It’s not mandatory to have but will significantly reduce the chance of forgetting the right combination lock.

Pair Of Gloves

A pair of gloves is optional to have. But it will provide you a good grip while using the tools. Having gloves is especially good if you have wet, sweaty, and slippery hands. Get gloves that fit perfectly to your hand so that you can work comfortably.

What Are The Ways To Open A Lock Box Without A Key Or The Code

Multiple ways can be used to open a lock box. Follow the ways that suit the problems you are having.

Bypassing Method

The bypassing method depends on the specific locks. To open a lock box without a key, methods like bypass can particularly come in handy.

Bypass manipulates the lock’s actuator straightly. If you want manipulation in the lock’s actuator, you need to reach the locks through the keyway. You need to use a tool thinner than the key and simply insert it into the backside of your lock. Now turn the tool until the lockbox opens. Pre-cut holes exist in some locks where you can insert the tool.

If you forget the access code, a factory reset bypass can help you. Some of the combination lock boxes have a system like standard reset codes. The factory reset bypass process works well with these types of locks. Find out the manual that came with your lockbox and see how a reset code process works.


The drilling method applies to the lockbox that has keyed lock cylinder in them. Spray some lubricant into the key box hole before you start this process. After spraying, insert the drill right into the keyhole. You need to increase the size bit gradually until the lock box opens.

Understandably the drilling method needs a drill bit to perform the task. Using a drill bit in locks is destructive, and it can completely shatter the lock cylinder. That’s why you should apply this way if every other option fails to open the lockbox. Contact a locksmith if you do not have enough time and expertise in drilling.


A hand is unlocking a lock box by turning a knob with numbers

Prying is one of the most common ways to open a lock box without a key or a code. This is also the simplest method to apply. All you need is a tool known as a pry bar.

While applying this process, keep the lockbox in a steady place. Prying might get difficult to do if the lockbox moves around. Other than keeping the box in a place, prying does not require anything much.


If you have forgotten the access code and facing trouble opening the lockbox, this is the method for you. The decoding method generally works well with wheel combination locks. These kinds of locks have several rows(most commonly four rows) of various numbers. The padlock or lock box is an example where a lock like this commonly exists.

In this process, you need to apply tension over the locks by slightly opening the lock boxes. Maintaining tension is important, and you can also do this by pulling down the padlock shackle. Move around every wheel until the serial number comes in one sequence. Once the numbers match in one sequence, the box should open.


You should buy a lock pick before starting this method. Buying a lock picking tool is not mandatory, but it will certainly help and make the process much simpler.

Picking requires manipulating the internal components of the lockbox. You can use a lock picking tool to do this. Grab your lock pick along with the tension wrench. Insert the tension wrench into the keyhole of the lock body. In many lock boxes, pre-cut holes exist in the back of the keyway. Insert the lock pick in this back hole. Apply tension and move the pick up and down until it successfully picks the locking mechanism and opens it up.

A thin metal piece or a paper clip can also do this trick. You can use these components if you can’t manage the lock picking kits. Sometimes you may struggle to find any of these tools on your property. You can call a nearby locksmith. They will bring all the tools and fix them after coming into your property themselves.


If you want to open a lock box without a key or code, cutting is an option you can consider. But remember, the lock box will be unusable after you open it by cutting.

The tool that is most widely used for cutting is the angle grinder. The angle grinder is a great tool to cut open any kind of security device. A locksmith can help you if you do not have an angle grinder. Also, you can damage more parts while cutting the box. A locksmith will do this smoothly and perfectly.

Flathead Screwdriver Tool

You can open a lock box easily by using a flathead screwdriver. The steps you need to follow is straight forward. Simply insert the screwdriver into the front part of the keyhole of the lock. Rotate the flathead screwdriver anti-clockwise until the master lock releases.


Shimming method is applied to the lock boxes that have padlocks in them. Insert two thin metal pieces into the gap between the shackle part and the lock body. Use these components to push away the latch of the shackles and open the lockbox.

Most padlocks can be opened by applying this shimming step. Some high-end padlocks are secured against the shimming.

Closing Words

How well you can open a lock box without a key or code entirely depends on how well equipped you are and how well you know to use the tools. Again, if you have all the necessary tools to open a lock box, it can still be tricky, especially if you have no previous experience. You should look for a locksmith listing company if you do not feel comfortable opening the lock box without any key or codes.

Searching for a locksmith can be stressful when you have many locksmith service providers around you. Flat Rate Locksmith can be your best bet in this regard. Flat Rate Locksmith provides a wide range of locksmith services, including a house key, electronic key card, and electronic lockbox repairing and replacing. You can contact Flat Rate Locksmith to get the fastest locksmith service in Atlanta, GA. The contact number is 678-686-7426.

Frequently Asked Question(FAQ)

How Do You Open A Locked Box Without A Key?

You can apply any of the methods mentioned above to open the lockbox without any key. Among them, using a flathead screwdriver is an easy option to follow. You just need to put the screwdriver into the hole and turn it until the lock key opens.

Are Lock Boxes Easy To Break Into?

You might think that the locking mechanism of a lock box is robust and should protect your keys. But unfortunately, most lock cases have materials that are not strong enough to absorb a substantial hit, which makes the entry easier.

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