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Locking a door using a door wedge

When it comes to keeping out thieves, locks have traditionally been regarded as the most effective measure. It’s best if you have a lock on the door for safety in the first place, but if you don’t, or if you can’t trust the existing lock in your apartment, you might want to consider installing one.

Is your door’s lock stuck? It’s possible that you’ll have to make your own temporary door lock while you wait for a locksmith to arrive. As a last resort, you could attempt to lock your door if you can’t find the key while you’re gone. The doors in cheap hotels might not have a lock while you’re staying in them. Anyhow, don’t worry about it. That door will be secured in no time at all.

A lock installation, rekeying, repair or replacement is the ideal remedy, but there are several ways to keep a door locked without using a lock. This will help you to get a decent night’s sleep as you wait for a locksmith to arrive in the morning by using one of these simple, as you can temporarily lock the lockless door.

How To Lock A Door Without A Lock

You never know when you’ll have to lock the doors shut without a lock. What are your next steps? Isn’t there a way out? The answer is a resounding “yes!” You don’t have to be an expert to figure out what works best for you! We’ve compiled a list of ways to secure a door without a lock.


If you want to keep the front door closed, doorstops are usually put behind an outward-opening door. However, if a doorstop is used in this manner, the door cannot be opened even if someone can twist the doorknob. When your door’s lock is broken, using doorstops is a simple, practical, and temporary solution to help keep the house safe. However, if an intruder applies enough power, he or she may be able to get around the doorstop. Consider using an extra security mechanism from this list.

Chair’s Back

You may position a sturdy chair such that its backrests beneath the latch of the gate while the seat’s feet are securely planted on the ground. In order to open that door, the legs and back of the chair produce force between your door and the floor. As a result, lever-style doorknobs can’t be opened if you use the back of a chair. If you want to make this approach less effective, the handle must be able to turn above to open a door. Use a rope or a belt to secure the lever handles to the seat to prevent it from opening.

Use A Belt Or A Rope For Inward Opening Doors

Since a belt or a rope is used to constrain the handle’s mobility, lever-style door handles are simpler to lock than traditional doorknobs. A belt or rope can be attached to one end of the handle and another to a stable item. If the handle can open upwards or downwards, use two tethers to totally restrict movement.

To secure an inward opening door, you may use a belt or length of rope linked to something substantial, such as a refrigerator or sofa. Wrap the tether around both handles of French doors to prevent them from being opened.

Portable Locks

Locking a door using a door wedge

Renters and tourists who are unable to install more long-term solutions enjoy the convenience of these gadgets. It’s also called a travelers security lock. A portable lock or mobile door lock is meant to be used whenever needed. Once the need is done, you can remove it. To keep the door from opening, they often include an additional piece of metal called a claw, which goes over the current doorknob’s bolt or latch, as well as a lock. These locks, on the other hand, are ineffective when it comes to unlocking external doors. You can also use a door wedge.

Security Cable For Portable Door Locks

Security bars are an effective deterrent against intruders who would use tremendous force, such as kicking or shrugging, to break down a door. Such a feature, a portable door lock, is the basic component of security bars. They are affixed to a wall or a door frame. Afterward, a heavy wood or metal bar is inserted into the brackets, which then blocks the door’s whole width. Whenever you need to open the door, you can take out the security bar of the brackets and replace them with no effort. Sadly, outwardly opening doors cannot be protected by security bars.

Lock Double Doors With A Fork

Locking the door with a fork

A fork could be used in a hurry to momentarily secure double doors. When closing a double door, bend the prongs of a fork and make sure that they fit into the door’s latch and are comfortable in the space between the lock sliding doors and the doorframe when you close them. Take out the fork by opening the door and breaking off the door handle. As previously, re-attach the fork’s head to the hinges with the bent prongs firmly hooked on the door’s latch and shut it. Using the fork’s handle, create a horizontal fence in order to keep your door from swinging inwards while it is closed.

Jammer For The Outward Opening Doors

If you don’t want to deal with the hassle of a DIY door lock, what you need is a door jammer. There’s a flexible security bar that has a round head that fits snuggly under a door handle. When someone tries to open a door from the inside, the cushioned foot on the opposite end is pressed against the floor, preventing it from sliding.

Door Barricades On The Floor

The door Barricade consists of a brace and a base that can be inserted into or withdrawn from the ground. A floor barrier may be installed by screwing the foot into the ground. Even if the bracing is removed, the door will still open, and it can be used without any restrictions. When you need to secure a door, just install the brace, and the door will not be able to open. Renters and vacationers cannot use a door barricade, but it is a smart alternative for homeowners who have the means to do so. Use these for bathroom doors as well.

Remove The Doorknob

Even though this isn’t the ideal method of keeping the door safe, anybody wanting to get into the house will have difficulty if the doorknob is removed. The door can’t be unlocked in the usual sense without a grip, but anybody who wants to use it this way should bear in mind that the gate system can be opened even if there is no handle if someone puts in the effort. If you’re looking for a more permanent solution to keep the door closed, you may want to consider using a barricaded door or even a doorstop.

Strike Plate Lock

When you install a strike plate lock, a little mechanism is attached to the frame of the door using a screw. Unlike a standard door chain, a strike lock adds a steel door brace that slides over your door’s handle to keep it closed. Even screws attached to the backside of a door are not as secured as this way of keeping the door locked from break-ins. Also, owners can add a strike lock by using current strike plate bolt holes to avoid future harm to door frames.

There are several methods to secure a door without a lock. So which one do you think is the best? Since not all doors can be locked in the same way, before using any of the strategies, you should determine whether or not you need a long-term solution or simply a short-term repair. To be on the safe side, you should have your door lock repaired or changed by a competent locksmith.

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