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apartment door security

Do you check your doors and windows twice before sleeping?

Then you might need to upgrade your old door locks. We have seen that maximum door doors are vulnerable to burglary and theft, not because there is some fault in your security system, but because thieves have upgraded themselves over time.

Therefore, do you feel that you still need to rely on your old lock, which cannot defeat loots and theft done with the help of advanced technology?

Probably not. We have seen that most people understand the importance of the degradation of security systems yet resist because of the unnecessary expenses that the new lock system will demand.

However, you can look for locksmith services that may provide you with reliable high-tech security locks that have worked for years. Let us look at some other complications that could be changed to tighten up the security system.

What is the need to provide extra security to doors?

All your belongings occupy the homes you have gathered and kept with care and effort. Even if you shift somewhere else, then you first look at whether the security system of the place is quite good or not.

Therefore, the security system is our priority. Your building and even your room and cupboards need individual attention and security.

Locks available nowadays are not reliable and can be cracked easily. Also, with advanced technology, lock picking has become a piece of cake for thieves. However, in addition to the traditional locks at your home, some people might operate their smart locks through apps that need equal assurance.

Here we have mentioned some methods to assure and boost your security.

How to secure apartment doors from intruders?

Get yourself a door jammer

Door jammers are usually small devices attached to an inward swinging door, and they prevent the doors from tuning inside after being attached or fixed. Door jammers are the best devices for hosting the security of doors that open on the inner side.

Their installation process is not very complex and can be done manually. Therefore, you can put one whenever you go somewhere else after locking the door. Doors jammers are super portable and quite handy; consequently, they are perfect for a hassle-free installation.

Install a deadbolt lock with a strike plate in case you don’t have one

Locks such as adda lock portable door lock systems should have a quality and efficient deadbolt lock, which should be present in every household. These locks are essential and should be present in probably all apartment doors. Deadbolts are more secure forms of locks attached to the door and lack any screw or nuts. Unlike physical safety, they keep the door aligned with the door frame of your apartment. In addition to the deadbolt, you can also insert the physical lock that will boost to many folds.

Deadbolts have a strike plate that’s the core of the security mechanism. The hardness of the strike plate will decide the security of the deadbolt lock. However, it is also suggested that your service provider must use quality anchor screws to maintain the stiffness of the lock.

Secure your sliding doors

Lavish apartments have sliding doors that attach the entire unit to the balcony or mostly the backside or home garden. It might not be the entry door, but we should not forget that these doors make your homes much more vulnerable than the main entrance door. Therefore, it’s equally essential to tighten up their security.

Always make sure that your apartment’s sliding door is closed before leaving. The sliding door systems come with a latch mechanism with the help of which you can lock the door. Also, you can use DIY tips and tricks to secure your home. One of them is placing a stiff wooden block in the lowermost rack. This easy and effective method will resist door opening even in the unlocked position.

Install a dummy security camera

We have observed that thieves resist breaking into an apartment with cameras. It’s best if you can have smart locks that have installed security cameras with the help of which you can track the movements inside your home.

However, if you want to stay low budget, it’s good to have a dummy security camera outside your door, which will act as a deterrent to keeping the intruders away. Moreover, it is an absolute pocket-friendly and effective idea.

Install a security bar

Security door bars might not seem as efficient as other security alternatives available. However, we have observed that they are very effective and can serve the purpose relatively better. These bars are just physical barriers that, in addition to the door lock, are attached behind the door and resist its opening.

These security bars work on a simple principle of resisting as much force as 500lbs, which is good.

Therefore, you can install one before leaving, and it will surely boost the security of your apartment in an efficient way.


How to protect your home from intruders?

There are quite many things that you can do to avoid intruders inside your home. We have mentioned some below that are worth noting:

  • Door-stop alarm
  • Switching hiding places of the home key
  • Installation of the digital security system.
  • Installing security cameras
  • Locking the garage door

Is it a smart choice to install a door brace?

The working of the door brace is almost similar to that of a door jammer. You might look that a door brace is a pretty good option to be installed under the door that swings inwardly.

The original door lock of your apartment will resist pressure or force that is being applied somewhere in the middle. In contrast, the door brace will resist any pressure produced by kicking or force towards the lower portion of the door. Therefore, the installation of a door brace is quite a smart choice. Another perk of a door brace is that it is convenient and can be self-installed.

Call a locksmith today!

If you find your home vulnerable due to door quality lock and key, and therefore looking for locksmith help, call Flat Rate Locksmith on 678-686-7426. They will help you get another key for your home and replace the lock if needed.

Whenever stuck in such a situation where you feel helpless, don’t give a second thought before calling Flat Rate Locksmith. We install premium high-tech security locks at a reasonable price that help you avoid all kinds of thefts. You have to call us at 678-686-7426 and know more about pricing, discounts, and offers.

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