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Flat Rate Garage Doors is one clear choice for garage doors repairs when it comes to service providers. Our company has been one of the trusted garage door repair experts since 2010.

Through the years of being a garage door company involved with garage doors of all kinds, we have provided the highest quality service with new garage doors and fixed many garage doors and garage door openers. Garage door repaired aftercare whether you want it done at your home or here at Kennesaw garage door.

garage door repair Kennesaw GA

Flat Rate Garage Doors is well known for its excellent service with the garage door, garage door repair, garage door openers, garage door opener installation, garage door installation, replacement garage doors, garage door service, garage door springs, and broken springs, along with so much more. These are done with professional service and immensely customer-friendly experts priced fairly.

Our garage door repair services are always available for you. You can rest assured by our business owner that his only company is there to ensure you receive our utmost care and professional insights. Our services are prompt, reliable, and priced reasonably.

List Of Garage Door Services We Provide:

Flat Rate Garage Doors offers discounts and promotes sales at our garage doors repair in Kennesaw, GA. Our garage door repair is always there if you’re looking for new garage doors for your home or business in Johns Creek, Cobb County, Sandy Springs, Flowery Branch, Kennesaw area, or around Kennesaw, Georgia. We’re ready to provide 24/7 same-day service and more. We also offer damaged door repair service too.

Our business owner is rather proud of having a responsive and complete garage door company. We ensure that our customers are always satisfied with our services by Flat Rate Garage Doors. Thus without any hesitation, call us for the best services. We are always ready with our excellent customer service for garage door repair.

Garage Door Repair Service

We are always ready to diagnose and fix any problem and work with your garage door replacements issue and garage door opener problems. Moreover, we are proud to offer garage door repairs service and strive for customer satisfaction. Flat Rate Garage Doors is an expert in providing the following services –

  • Fractured cables repaired
  • Broken springs
  • Gear and rail lubrication repairs
  • Cable repairs or fixes
  • Complete garage doors part replaced
  • New garage door opener
  • Garage door service
  • New door
  • Maintenance issues
  • Repairs of all kinds and much more

Our garage doors repair service gives you the highest quality parts and equipment, garage doors spring repair, garage floor coating, 24/7 emergency garage door repair, and the exciting fact is keypad programming service along with the best warranties, high-quality work at the best price because it is an intelligent choice at your house, job, business place or at Kennesaw garage door repair shop

Garage Door Opener Installation And Repair Services

Our garage door repair service is for you, especially if your garage door has stopped working or operates with an unusual and disturbing noise while opening or closing. Moreover, we work with different openers that operate quietly and can be controlled using smartphones. Here we present some of the different types of openers we work with for our customers to help you find one clear choice as a service provider –

  • New doors
  • Motor repair services
  • Wifi-enabled garage repair door openers
  • Mechanical openers
  • Opener backup
  • Screwdriver openers
  • Opener remotes and accessories
  • Smart garage door openers
  • Same day service
  • 5-year materials warranty

Garage Door Spring Repair Services

Here at our spring repair service, we don’t advise you to repair your garage door springs yourself for safety measures, as we are here for the job. Here are some spring repair works that we provide to our customers:

  • Spring replacement.
  • Spring backup
  • Spring enhance.
  • Spring tension modification.
  • Noisy spring quieted.

Garage Door Installation

We are well experienced with the installation and replacement of garage doors while bearing in mind the best customer service, including other types of services you may require or want for installation as suggested by our business owner for a clear choice garage door for you around Cobb county such as –

  • Garage Door Installation
  • Wood garage door Installation
  • Fire-resistant doors
  • Aluminum, wood, and steel doors
  • Sectional displacement
  • Artificial wood door
  • Insulated garage and garage door installation
  • replacement garage door
  • new garage door opener
  • overhead doors

Keypad Programming

Flat Rate Garage Doors added an interesting additional keypad programming system due to the customer’s request in this modern era. We provide professional garage door keypad programming to thousands of customers throughout the year. It’s one of our most loved and one clear choice our customers asked as per their request.

About Us

Flat Rate Garage Doors services vary from customer to customer as per their request. In our company, we like to provide customer-focused services promptly with the help of our customer service representative. Some of which are –

  • Giving priority to the customers
  • Provide new garage door
  • Provide an array of options for garage door services
  • Upgrade home safety
  • Long equipment life
  • Service you can trust
  • Expert garage door repair technicians

Discounts on complete replacement equipment. For more information, contact us: 470-660-5504


How Long Does the Warranty Cover the New Garage Door?

Ans: When you have the new Kennesaw garage door installed at your place by our men, we make sure the products you receive are in perfect condition and try to maintain that all through the installation process.

We try to work with precision and delicate touch to ensure we are not damaging anything or leaving you with a malfunctioning door. In any unfortunate case, if something happens and the door isn’t functioning the way it should, you have nothing to worry about because you are totally covered with the year-long warranty that guarantees you a complete replacement or refund as you want.

Do I Get Covered For Any Labor Warranty That Could Probably Need Replacing?

Ans: If you encounter any mishap made by our technicians or service members installing your garage door, you will definitely be covered by the one-year warranty provided. This is to ensure that the customers don’t have to pay for a mistake made by our team members.

In situations like these, you only require to show us some evidence of the damage done by our team members so we can analyze the situation and call for a replacement or refund if you want. One more reason for this is to ensure customer satisfaction and display our loyalty towards them.

Is It Possible To Replace My doors, Or Do I Need To Replace The Whole Thing?

Ans: While making small and specific individual changes with your panels can save you time and money, there are instances where changing the entire thing will be much more cost-efficient and convenient for you if the damage done to the panel is more spread out.

In such cases, it would be nice to have your doors replaced because garage doors made these days are far more functional and secure than they were back in the day. You will be able to control the doors via an app on your phone, a remote, or manually with a click of a button if that’s something you prefer. That being said, if the damage is minimum, you can only switch out the panels.

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