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Flat Rate Garage Doors From Buford GA Has Same-Day Service With Unbeatable Prices

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Imagine you’re running late, already having a bad day, and just trying to run off to work. When getting your car out, you accidentally rammed your garage door! Now the door won’t close, and it’s just such a nightmare.

Although we don’t want this to happen to you or anybody, this is a pretty typical scenario. However, if you live anywhere near the Buford suburb of the Atlanta metro, Flat Rate Garage Doors is here to help you.

It doesn’t matter if you want to repair your garage door or a new garage door installation; our experts will help you analyze everything and recommend necessary repairs or installations.

Our garage door company has been in the business for a long time, and we are proud of our achievements. Flat Rate Garage Doors is one of Buford, Georgia’s leading garage door repair companies. We want to keep it that way by providing excellent service hand-delivered to you!

So, if you need a garage door repair company near Buford, GA, Flat Rate Garage Doors is happy to provide for you. Call us at 470-660-5504 and set up an appointment now!

Garage Door Services We Provide

Garage Door Installation

No matter what size your garage is or how expensive your car is, the garage door is an integral part of your home. A faulty garage door could be the weakest point in your home security. That’s why you need a top-quality garage door that works perfectly.

However, installing new garage doors isn’t easy, and you need to have professional skills for a professional job. But, for most people hiring a professionally trained technician isn’t always an option.

So, from Flat Rate Garage Doors, we provide excellent garage door installation services at a lower price than any other Buford garage door repair company. We offer many types of residential or commercial garage doors. You can choose the one that fits your criteria.

Call us at 470-660-5504 to fix an appointment date!

Garage Door Spring Repair

Garage door springs are one of the most common problems that cause doors to malfunction. As the springs take the most tension when the door is closed, most springs break when the door is closed.

Although a broken garage door spring may not seem like an issue at first, this will turn into a much bigger problem and probably cost you hundreds of dollars. Also, a broken spring compromises your home security!

So, to ensure your door operates perfectly, you should replace your broken garage door springs. Flat Rate Garage Doors provides spring repair services with top-quality, punctuality, and the best price!

Also, we provide free estimates for any repair services that you may need. Contact us to claim your free estimate now.

Garage Door Opener Installation

If you want a modern garage, you want to read this! Garage door openers are very common nowadays, and a garage door opener is necessary for a smooth operation. However, if you still haven’t gotten one, we can help you make an intelligent choice.

Flat Rate Garage Doors provides different garage door openers for other model garage doors and different systems. Many choices are available for you, and we can help you with the garage door opener installation.

Our experts will only come to your house and install a new garage door opener in a few hours. Also, we offer free estimates for any garage door needs that you might have. Call Flat Rate Garage Doors to fix an appointment.

Garage Door Opener Repair

Garage door openers are a necessary element of your garage. This machine helps you by automatically lifting your garage doors and closing them properly too!

However, Garage door openers are commonly known to malfunction sometimes. As these are complex electronics, they can malfunction easily. Also, if your opener is affected by storms or rain, it can stop working entirely!

So, don’t worry if your garage door opener is malfunctioning. Our technicians can come and fix your door opener for you. We offer all types of garage door service at a price that will surprise you at the very least!

Garage Door Tune-Up

You probably believe that it is better to be safe than sorry! That’s what a Tune-up precisely is. Garage doors are pretty expensive, and they should last some time. However, the door mechanisms can get worn out with time.

That’s why you need to check and maintain your garage door properly. But, an expert might see and understand problems long before they show. So, tune-ups are a proper checking and maintenance of your garage doors by a professional mechanic.

Our expert will visit your house and adequately check every garage door component, including Garage door shafts, springs, cables, panel condition, safety cables, door balance, etc. Also, they will lubricate the parts correctly.

Doing this may save you a lot of money in the future. So, call us at 470-660-5504 and let us do your work for you!

Emergency Garage Door Repairs

Imagine you live alone, and you somehow have a broken garage door. Now, you need to fix this quickly because a broken door compromises your security and ruins the aesthetics of your house.

As we all have faced this scenario, we all know that this requires immediate attention. That’s why we from Flat Rate Garage Doors take this very seriously. We are customer-focused, and your satisfaction is our number one priority.

If you need emergency services, call us, and our experts will provide you with same-day service and get your garage door working in only a few hours.

Garage Door Parts

Would you like to change your entire overhead doors system if you could replace a panel or door shaft and fix it? Of course not. That’s why parts are critical to look for when repairing garage doors.

However, if you live near Buford, Georgia, you don’t need to worry. Flat Rate Garage Doors provides top-quality parts for almost all types and models of garage doors. As a renowned local garage door company in Buford, we feel confident saying our customers are happy.

Call at 470-660-5504, and our customer service representative will guide you through the garage door repair services or parts you may need. Also, we offer free estimates for any garage door service you want.

Calling won’t hurt anybody!

Garage Doors Equipment Maintenance

Garage doors are heavy machines, and they need proper maintenance if you want them to work correctly. Take this seriously if you don’t want to change your doors as early as possible!

Although essential maintenance is relatively easy to do, you need regular professional checkups and care because only an expert can tell you when to change parts before they do more damage or how to lubricate your cables properly.

Flat Rate Garage Doors provides affordable garage door maintenance services by service professionals. So, if you want your garage door to last a long time and cost you the least amount of money, call us at 470-660-5504.

About Our Garage Door Company

Flat Rate Garage Doors is a Buford-based local garage door company. We have been providing all types of garage door repair services for a long time. We have a large team of expert technicians ready 24/7 to serve your needs.

Since we started, we have continuously seen growth and earned our customer’s respect because of our excellent service, immensely customer-friendly attitude, and high-quality work.

We have been serving the people of Buford, GA, for years and hope to continue for years to come. Call us today for immediate solutions!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone install a garage door opener?

Although standard hand tools are good enough for installing a garage door opener, it isn’t as easy as it sounds or looks on youtube! Installing a new garage door opener requires construction, electrical, and technical skills.

So, if you aren’t sure if you can install a garage door opener, you should probably contact a professional.

Can I replace just the garage door panels?

Yes. If the rest of your garage door is in good condition, you can replace just a single panel. Contact us for essential parts or an estimated cost of replacing garage door panels.

How much does it cost to rewind a garage door spring?

It may cost between 200$ to 300$ to replace your garage door springs. The pricing depends mainly on the model of your garage door system. Call us at 470-660-5504 for accurate pricing information.

How much does it cost to replace the cables on a garage door?

The average cost of replacing garage door cables is around 180$ to 230$. This price includes the price of parts, labor costs, etc. Call us for accurate prices and free cost estimates.

How much does it cost to install a garage door in a house?

Installing new garage doors usually costs around 1200$, including labor costs. The cost heavily depends on the type and model of garage door you want. Also, your garage size can influence the prices too.

As non-insulated steel doors are cheaper than other types, you could go that way if you’re running low on the budget. However, if you have enough to spend, you can always pay more for luxury!

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