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BMW key replacement

Non-working of the car key when you have it parked outside can be distressing. Familiar situations occur when you or your driver accidentally slip your BMW key, or the key fob stops working without any reason.

Watching videos on YouTube for finding solutions or breaking the windows of your BMW to get in is not the practical thing.

If you are in such a position, you can’t compromise the car’s security. You had spent a bomb, and it’s best to get the BMW key replaced as soon as possible. Do not worry; we at Flat Rate Locksmith Atlanta are the expert dealer and know for getting our clients out of such situations.

Flate Rate Locksmith Atlanta is the leading solution to every problem. We repair and replace all types of transponder keys irrespective of your car company or model. Our professional locksmiths know their work well.

Contacting us is quite easy as you don’t need to fill from, sign in/log in to any account, or create any password. With just a small click on 678-686-7426, you can reach our sales and dealer team within no time.

Flat Rate Locksmith Atlanta

Replacing luxury car fobs can be expensive, yet we care about your concerns, and therefore, we offer affordable services without compromising your security.

The best part is that we provide mobile services and so you don’t have to worry about reaching us; we’ll get you.

We have the answer to every query. You need to search our page Flat Rate Locksmith Atlanta, and you’ll get an idea about anything you need to know. Or, contact us at 678-686-7426; our executive will guide you through everything.

BMW Key Fob Replacement Service


A car key fob is a small tool that has potentially wiped out a traditional car key. Key fobs enable you to operate the car door without touching the lock. This advanced system has made things easier because now you don’t have to insert the entire BMW key into the lock, unlike traditional keys.

Duplicating traditional keys can be easy and inexpensive, but the scenario is different in the case of key fobs. This helps ensure the safety of your car, but at the same time, it can be a drawback.

If your BMW key fob is lost, broken, or damaged, you aren’t left with any other option except reaching out for professional help. Car key fob replacement or repair can be costly, and for those having luxury vehicles like BMW, it can be even more expensive.

Such situations can be challenging because the BMW car key fob replacement expense is just a tiny issue in terms of compromising your BMW car’s safety. Here at Flat-Rate Locksmith Atlanta, we provide the fastest service at an affordable price.

Pros of Flat Rate Locksmith Atlanta

Us being there, you don’t need to compromise with the security of your vehicle. We use premium materials, and our locksmiths follow every necessary step with care and ensure your safety.

We don’t have to brag about our service; our work speaks it all. All you need to do is trust us, and you’d never regret it. Contact us at 678-686-7426 and know more about exciting discounts.

What Service Do We Offer?

A person is always doubtful before handing over the responsibility of their belongings, and so is the scenario with the new BMW key fobs. You might be looking for someone who has a solution to every problem without charging you a bomb.

Flat Rate Locksmith Atlanta provides a reliable service provider. We work 24/7 to be there whenever you need us. You can trust us with your belongings, and we will provide top-notch service at an affordable price.

BMW key programming can be complicated; therefore, you won’t like messing it up. It’s best to call a professional locksmith if you need BMW key programming and BMW key battery replacement service.

We stay transparent with our service and our customers. Therefore, we provide complete guidance to our customers.

Here are some steps and tricks that you could follow to get your BMW key programmed.

BMW Key Fob Program Process

Even if you get your fob key replaced, it’s essential to reprogramme to access it. Dealership programming a BMW fob key is complicated, and a car dealer takes advantage of it and implies an unnecessary charge to program your BMW fob key.

Keep in mind that you need not spend that extra money giving it to the dealer to program the fob.

here are some directions that you can follow:


Starting with the key, you need to first take out the BMW metal key from the case and proceed further.


Get the key into the ignition slot. Now, start turning the BMW key in position one and then back to the beginning position. You have to repeat this step five times fast, but do not turn the engine off. If you hear a slight click sound, you do it the right way. Cross-check the engine if it’s working or not.


Now, to get your fob ready, you have to insert the BMW key into it. Press the unlock button on the fob and click three times simultaneously on the BMW logo.

Now, complete the process by switching the ignition on. If it seems complicated, contact us at 678-686-7426; our professional locksmiths will do it in a fraction of time.

BMW Key FOB Battery Replacement

Your fob may be out of battery rather than faulty; replacing the BMW key fob battery can fix the problem.

Carefully remove the BMW key fob cover and replace the old batteries with a new one. Make sure to get the right size battery for your BMW key fob.

Flat Rate locksmith will settle the perfect set of batteries that fit your lock and will charge a minimum for it. You have to contact 678-686-7426 and get it serviced.

BMW Key FOB Replacement Emergency Service

Whenever there is a situation of emergency like losing a BMW key fob or if the unlock button is not working, you might need professional help and quick service. Flat Rate Locksmith Atlanta provides the fastest service so that you don’t have to wait for us in such a scenario. You have to call us on 678-686-7426, and we will reach you in no time.

Know about Flat Rate professionals

Our technicians are well trained in their work. Not only do they deliver you quality service but also they’ll charge a minimum in terms of price.

Our professionals will do it for you if you cannot sync your new key to the car. If there is a glitch that cannot be fixed, we will provide you with BMW key fobs at a fair price.

Our technicians come along with a tool kit, so you don’t have to wait or arrange any tools for us.

Car Key Service at an Affordable Price

You need not search close contact for top-grade car key service because we provide everything: the right price, serve all locations, and safety. It’s hard to find an inexpensive service when you already have an expensive car to spend on.

Your search comes to an end when you land on our page. We not only have an affordable repair price, but we also replace at nominal charges. Starting from a random car’s new key fob, we have a new BMW key remote and any other luxury car new fob remote.

Professional BMW Key FOB Service

A professional aid always saves you from unexpected future expenses. Our locksmiths are the best advisers and will guide you well. Flat Rate Locksmith Atlanta will not charge you for non-necessary repairs.

For more information, you can visit our page Flat Rate Locksmith Atlanta or contact us at 678-686-7426, where we will provide you with a free consultation.

Car Key Replacement For Almost Every Car Model

We have made car keys for every model from Honda to a BMW or any other vehicle. We also modify it according to your requirements. We provide remote service all over Atlanta, GA. Therefore, if you are anywhere in Atlanta, we’ll reach you the fastest.

Why Trust Us?

There is a rare chance of quality coming along with the low price. Here at Flat Rate Locksmith, we provide not only cheap service but top-grade service. We make bonds for our whole life, so we care for you. So, you won’t need to search contact of another dealer when we are here. You can reach us at 678-686-7426.

Frequently Asked questions

Do I need Identity proof to program the fob?

Yes, we ask for your driver’s license as proof of ownership to assure that the BMW new fob we program is yours. We follow some security guidelines before we program to guarantee customers’ safety.

Where do I search for the best key replacement services?

If you cannot use your vehicles due to the non-functioning of your key, then contact Flat Rate locksmiths Atlanta without any delay. We will treat your vehicles like our own and our key fobs making the price is very low. You’ll soon be able to sit back in your driver’s seat and bring your car back on the road.

Unlock the Best BMW Key Services

Losing your key fob will create a panic situation, and you’ll be searching for aid. If that is the scenario, you have landed on the right page. Just contact Flat Rate locksmiths Atlanta on 678-686-7426 and get amazing discounts. We are open today, and every day in the whole week, our sales executive is always there to take your call.

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