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Locksmith Stone Mountain GA

If you are ever looking for a locksmith near Stone Mountain, GA, then look no further than Flat Rate Locksmith services in Stone Mountain, GA. We have been actively working with different types and brands of locks and keys with locksmiths all over the state.

We have gathered ourselves decades worth of experience and knowledge with varieties of locks and keys. Our professional locksmiths are very well experienced and knowledgeable in the field they work with.

Our cost-efficient services have also been highly appreciated by customers all over the city of Stone Mountain, GA. Our incredible services and dedication to customers led us to be as successful as we are. The professional services in Stone Mountain, GA, and nearby areas have also made us highly sought after even beyond the state of Georgia.

Why Choose Us?

Consistency has been a critical factor for us. For everything we do, as a professional locksmith company in Stone Mountain, GA, we make sure to be consistent with our lock repairs and changes for our clients to maintain our standard. Our goal to provide satisfactory results to customers has been highly appreciated and keeps them choosing us over other locksmith services each time.

Types Of Locks And Keys Used

Whether we are working with lock changes or lock replacement, our items are brand new to avoid accidents. Since we work to make sure your place is safe, we use the most upgraded and high-security locks from well-known brands as part of our professional locksmith services.

Whether you need a lock change or have your keys redone, our professional locksmiths will do it for you with precision and care. We also offer our professional service as per your choice at your convenient time. This allows you to watch us in action working and upgrading your security system to maintain transparency.


We have been in the locksmith servicing field for a very long time. Our time and experience working in this field have allowed us to know exactly which type of lock is suitable for clients depending on their locations in Stone Mountain, GA. We provide quality locks and keys without even being asked for them because we believe everyone deserves to feel fully insured, secured, and peaceful at their place.

Immediate Service Call

We provide service calls all over the state. Our locksmith services are available for you over a phone call wherever you may be in the state. Whether you need assistance from our residential locksmith or commercial locksmith team, they will be over there to help you feel better and safer over a phone call with no time to waste.


Our professional Stone Mountain Locksmiths spend a lot of time working tirelessly for your satisfaction and security at the lowest price. Our locksmiths provide services with locks and keys; whether it’s on your front door or your car, we assure you the best price for all our services.

Our Locksmith Services

We provide multiple different types of services for our clients. By the love of our clients, the best of Stone Mountain locksmith professionals are now able to provide our service and assistance all over the city of Stone Mountain, GA, and the neighboring areas. Some of our most active and notable services are –

Residential Locksmith Services

Our residential locksmith services are very well equipped with the right tools needed with security products to keep you safe with the mental peace that you deserve in your own home. We provide high-security locks installed by our professional stone mountain locksmith. We offer our assistance all over Stone Mountain, GA and Atlanta, GA, and more to give you comfort and security in your home.

Here is the assistance we provide for residential needs and to prevent house lockout –

  • Key extraction
  • Re-key
  • Lock repairs
  • And more

Commercial Locksmith Services

Our commercial locksmith assistants are especially thorough with their job to keep your business and commercial workspace safe. Whether you need our assistance with high-security upgrades specially made to suit your needs, our commercial locksmith services are ready for it all to keep your workspace secured.

We go the extra mile and take our time to

  • Prevent unwanted business lockout situations and break-ins
  • Frequent re-key of the system
  • Make a special set of key locks for authorized personnel
  • And more

These are among the few specified and thorough checks we do to ensure the entire premises are secured and free from any potential risks of burglary.

Automotive Locksmith Services

Car lockouts can be annoying when you’re in the middle of nowhere. Several reasons can lead you to be in such situations, whether your car doors are jammed or accidentally lock the doors behind or leave the keys inside. Our automotive locksmith services team will immediately send over our local locksmith, who is fully committed to helping you.

To get you out of these situations, they come equipped with

  • Transponder keys
  • Lock replacement and
  • Emergency lock and car key
  • And many more

Other Services

The ones mentioned above are the most common and active teams of locksmiths we have. However, we offer more than those services. Our locksmith technicians in Stone Mountain, Georgia, have worked with others such as the Atlanta locksmith and GA locksmith to set exemplary customer service. Among all of the assistance we provide, there are a few additional ones too, such as –

Mobile Locksmith Services

We have a mobile emergency locksmith service team to work with lock change for residential needs or anywhere else you may need. Our Stone Mountain locksmiths are professionals who are experienced with years of training. They are familiar with the essentials required for locksmith assistance with cars and doors alike and carry these with them to avoid a back and forth journey.

Emergency Locksmith Service

Our emergency services include a smaller portion of all existing local locksmith Stone Mountain, GA, offers. Our emergency Stone Mountain locksmiths have you covered and ensure safety, whether you need residential or automotive locksmith services.

Our emergency locksmith in Stone Mountain tries to cover all neighboring areas and towns nearby, making it convenient for clients to reach out to us from anywhere for easy and secure assistance without waiting for hours.

Lockout Service

Lockouts can be very annoying whether you’re experiencing car lockouts or home lockouts. Being in search of the nearest locksmith in these situations can be stressful. This is why our lockout service team wastes no time reaching you over a phone call or appointment.

Our lockout team comes ready and trained to work with a house lockout, emergency lockout, and car lockouts throughout College Park, Stone Mountain, Georgia, and Atlanta, GA. We ensure they are done with care and precision for each of our assistants, so you don’t get stranded again in an unwanted situation.

About Flat Rate Locksmith

At Flat Rate Locksmith, we believe in providing our clients with only the best key and lock change or replacements to elevate security for their valuables and loved ones. We provide affordable prices with professional care and thorough analysis. Our emergency locksmith services and all of the others are trained and well experienced in the field.

Our dedication and passion for our job as locksmiths in Stone Mountain and the Atlanta locksmith are extremely loved and respected by each member. We believe in serving the best to hold on to our clientele base. We don’t compromise with our standard and quality, no matter how large or small the project is. Maintaining our standard and devoted clientele is the most important thing to us as an actively working company.

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