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Flat rate Locksmith is one of the most actively operating professional locksmith service providers across Duluth, GA. Whenever you need a locksmith or key maker, we are always there for you.

We know how to get out of any difficulty with locks and keys. Since we’ve been in business, we haven’t changed our goal of providing high-quality and affordable locksmith services. People who work for us make car keys, change locks on homes and businesses, unlock cars and provide emergency locksmith services.

We have a variety of commercial locksmith services where we make laser-cut keys and transponder keys.

We have all the permits, insurance, and bonds we need for our locksmith services. Our customers have come to trust us as a prominent Duluth Locksmith for years because we always do a good job and care about them. As long as we have been around, we have always put our customers’ needs first and pride our work.

In addition, we offer same-day service and quick responses. All year long, our locksmiths are here for you. The best way to get a FREE estimate is to get in touch with us at any time!

The Services We Provide

Since our advent, we have provided the best solutions regarding lock problems, lockout services, automotive locksmith services, and more. Below here, we are going to explain some of the most popular services of our company:

Residential Locksmith Services

In Duluth, GA, we provide the best residential locksmith services. You can keep burglars away from your home by installing high-quality, pick-resistant locks. We can also help you make your fences, doors, and windows more durable.

If you’re worried about the safety of your home, call one of our locksmiths to do a full check. If you get locked out, we’re here to help. Flat Rate Locksmith has got a lot of experience in security operations.

If you care about your safety, you need to have a good locksmith on your side. You can trust us because when we work with our customers, we believe it’s essential for us to build a relationship with them and make sure they’re happy with our work. The residential locksmith services which we provide are:

Lock Change And Other Key Replacement Services

To keep your home safe and secure as a prominent locksmith service provider, we will come to your home and change your locks right away. Whether you just moved in, lost your keys, or shared them with someone who won’t return them, we can help. If your lock doesn’t work rightly, we can also help you with that.

If you lose your keys and are worried about the security system, you won’t have to worry about it again. If you want to use a code or even your phone to open and close your locks, we can help you set up and change the locks.

We Install Locks Which Are Controllable With Mobile

We will provide you with a dedicated smartphone app to open and close your locks with a button. Keep your house safe even if you lose your keys. If you’re not at home, the person will need to be let in. It’s not a big deal at all. It’s easy to let someone use your phone to get into your phone.

Locking Mechanisms For Window Security

If someone wants to get into your house, they can open the window or get past the lock on the door. Put window locks on your home’s doors and windows to keep you, your family, and your things safe.

We can help you get whatever kind of lock you need to keep your things safe. We have mailbox locks, padlocks, and security safes in different sizes. Our other residential services include access control systems, key fobs, and lock installation.

Automotive Locksmith Services

If you need a car locksmith in the Duluth, GA area, we can help you get the help you need as one of the most prominent groups of professional locksmiths. We can also help you if you get locked out of your car, but we can also make new keys and program transponder keys for you if you need them.

Our auto locksmiths offer a wide range of services, including:

  1. Making a spare key for a lost or stolen key.
  2. Make copies of your car’s key fobs and car lockout.
  3. Lasers are used to cut keys when a key is lost or broken.
  4. Installation of intruder keys.
  5. We also repair and install ignition switches.

Commercial Locksmith Services

If your business door has a broken lock, you should hire a locksmith to fix it. There is no better place for commercial building door locks than the Flat Rate Locksmith. Even though it’s night or day, we also provide emergency services to commercial clients, no matter what time it is. To get any of these things, please call us right away.

Business Lockout Services

It doesn’t matter if you get to work one morning and can’t get the door open. You can call us anytime, and we’ll send a team to your place right away. Your business door won’t be several things.

Re-Keying Services

 If you lost your office key, we’d be happy to make you a new one. Ensure that the lock isn’t broken and that the new key works as it should. By calling our customer service department, you can get a free quote. Visit us instead. We’ll be happy to help you.

Safe Keying and emergency locksmith Services

To keep your office safe, you’ll need to be professional and honest. To find a commercial locksmith, you should look for one already done well. As well, it would help if you had a sound technician. People who know what they are doing can fix or put a new lock on your safe. The best thing to do is to call us right away. We’re ready to help 24/7 in emergencies as well.

Emergency Devices and Fire Exit Services

If you ever have any problems with your emergency service equipment, we can help you. When you need emergency service devices set up, we have qualified people who can help. Fire escape doors are another service we offer.

Why Should You Consider Hiring Us As One Of Your Most Reliable Nearby Locksmith Service providers?

We are a group of hardworking locksmith technicians who have been working relentlessly to solve problems that include loss of a car key, security of a commercial property, garage door locks, car lockouts, car key replacement, and many more.

Our service is unique for several reasons. The following are a few things that make us different from other local locksmith service providers:

A Licensed And Insured Locksmith Company For Commercial Services

Because we have a lot of experience and are well-trained, your business office doors will be safe with us. When we’re on your land, you can trust us to keep everything in its place and follow strict rules of behavior.

Highly Equipped And Ready To Help At Any Time.

Fixing commercial company doors requires the best tools you can get your hands on. We will be ready to help you as soon as we can. We have a team that works around the clock to answer any questions you might have.

Feel Free To Contact Us

Our Locksmiths have worked for a long time. We’ve always tried to meet and even exceed customer expectations. When you need a commercial locksmith, you can always count on our team to help you get it done. We are looking forward to hearing from you soon.

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